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If you have read the article "INTRODUCTION TO CREATION", you will recall that i tried to paint pictures of the various major spheres in creation for you. Now, for the sake of a more comprehensive view, the main spheres from above downward are reproduced here:

              1:  The Divine:
                                * Divinity unsubstantiality = GOD
                                   * Divinity substantiality

              2:   Spiritual substantiality:
                                 *  Conscious spiritual substantiality
                                    *  Unconscious spiritual substantiality
              3:   Animistic substantiality:
                                 *  Conscious Animistic substantiality
                                    *  Unconscious Animistic substantiality

              4:   The spheres of Matter:
                                    *  Ethereal substance
                                        *Gross matter

           I have talked about the origin of man, that man originated from the spiritual realm, from the spiritual substantiality. Now, i want to clarify it further,  that man originated from the unconscious spiritual substantiality. While the animals you see here on earth, originates from the unconscious animistic substantiality. There are huge difference between the two spheres.

           The animating core of man is spirit. While the animating core of animals is animistic substantiality.

            The origin of the inner man is consequently higher, the spirit is higher than that of the animal, because the Spiritual substantiality stands above the animistic substantiality. However, both man and animals do have something in common i.e the origin of there physical bodies.

             Please, i want to bring to your notice that there were conscious and unconscious animals just like the spiritual beings. but here we only talk about the unconscious animistic substantiality that were ejected too, in order for them to gain consciousness and become developed and then finally find it way back to animistic substantiality. Just like i said before, both man and animal's phsical body shares the same origin, however, the spirit of man, has over ages developed his original purely animal body to a higher state of perfection than was possible for the animistic substantiality of the animal. The theory of the natural development of the physical body from the lowest form of animal body right up to the human body is therefore correct, it shows  in every respect the conscious and uninterrupted working upwards of the creative Will in Nature, a proof of its perfection. But with this theory, one very great mistake was made that man did not take into account what lay beyond the physical world of Gross matter.

              If it is said that the human body i.e the gross material cloak of man, originated from the animal body which existed before the human body, this is correct. But that the inner life of man also originated from that of animal, this is an unpardonable and misleadinding error that must cause a conflict in your thinking faculty!

              The essential difference between Man and Animal lies solely within. Animals can only return to animistic substantiality as "group souls" after casting aside its bodies. While man can only return to the spiritual substantiality after casting away all its bodies. An animal originating from animistic substantiality can never swing upwards to the level of the human being. There difference between  the physical bodies, however, lies only in the outer form, which has been more nobly developed in man by the spirit after it had entered the physical body. In the future we will discuss the arrival of the spirit-germ to the Gross material world.

               The best friend you can ever have is an animal, they are always loyal, humble and they can warn you if there is going to be any natural imbalance in nature that can hurt you just like balaam would have been struck down if not  for the intervention of his horse. Love animals, the way you will love your fellow human being. You can only kill, if and only if  it is necessary. Please do not torture before killing any animal.