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The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasised in the life of man. Prayer is so important that, our Lord Jesus had to teach us how to ...



The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasised in the life of man. Prayer is so important that, our Lord Jesus had to teach us how to pray. The lord's prayer was not meant to be prayed all at once. Actually, the Lord's prayer is divided into three parts and i will explain each part for you in the nearest future. In your quiet time moment, try as much as possible with an ernest volition, meditates on the Lord's Prayer. It contains the foundation for everything you need for your physical well-being and spiritual ascent. The Lord's Prayer even give much more! It also indicates the path which you should strive to follow during your life existence on earth. The lord's Prayer alone provides everything for you if you penetrate into it deeply and grasp it aright.

          Man needs nothing more than the Lord's Prayer! It shows him the whole gospel in concentrated form. It is the key to the Luminous Heights for him who knows how to experience it rightly. It can be both staff and torch for the advancement and ascent of everyone! What it contains is absolutely immeasurable! The Lord's Prayer is a masterpiece in itself.

          In the Lord's Prayer, our Lord Jesus gave humanity the key to the Kingdom of God! It was not meant to be rattled straight off! 

           For now, in this article, i want to talk about a type of prayer. I will give you full detail of the Lord's Prayer  later. 

            Do you know that there are different type of prayers? I want to throw a little light on Prayer for Thanksgiving. 

             Man , ordinarily, never bothers himself to pray a prayer of thanksgiving to his Creator, unless he undergo a discomforted situation. A happy soul will always give gratitude to his God no matter the situation he finds him/herself. There are so many reasons why you must thank God. Firstly, God is your Creator. Every creature in creation and the Divine must humble itself before his God. God is the source of all Life, without the Creator, you fail to exist in creation. God alone is the source of all driving forces. The Mightiness of God is so unimaginable to man. All powers emanate from only one source, that is God. He alone is worthy of all praise. 

              There is a popular believe, and majority of humanity holds that believe that there are two  type of powers: The good and the evil power. Well let me use this opportunity to explain something here. To clarify this issue, like i said before, there is only one source of all driving force which is God. Lucifer being one of the archangel was handed a responsibility. A responsibility to see to it that the journey of the Spirit-germ wandering through creation and there returning to paradise is made quiet easy. Now, for that purpose, power was allotted to Lucifer. A scepter or a key symbolises the power given to Lucifer. Instead for Lucifer to use the power for the purpose it was meant for, rather, He used it contrary to that same purpose it was meant for. He used this powers to mislead man and thereby making the path to paradise difficult for man.

                The Key or the Scepter will be wrestled off Lucifer by a stronger and more powerful  Being at the appointed time. I am not suppose to write about Lucifer in this article, but the point i want to make clear is that there is only one power source, and that is God. Just because Lucifer used the power given to Him for evil, does not mean that the power is evil. At the appointed time, that same power in the hand of the Son of Man, will be used for the benefit of mankind during the millennial period of grace and mercy bestowed upon mankind.

                 So i want you to erase that mentality of Good and Evil powers competing each other. If God has a competitor, then He is not God.

                 God alone is the only creator, and He is One. One Whole! Every other thing vibrates in Him. Besides Him, there is None! Just take a moment and think about it yourself. God is the originator of All, Lucifer is though, a Divine being, He is still a creature of God Almighty. A creature can never be as powerful as is his Creator. The Creator can exist without Its creature, but a creature cannot exist without its Creator. 

                  When you give thanks to your Creator, it shows that you appreciate the Greatness of your Mighty God. And its another way of showing that you Love your God with all your heart, no matter what situation you find yourself. Atleast, thank God for your existence in creation. Let your gratitude be known to God in humility and purity.

                  Man seldom offer prayer of thanksgiving, unless exceptionally, when he unexpectedly receives a very special earthly gift or when he is suddenly rescued from a great danger. Unexpectedness and suddenness are necessary before he will arouse himself to utter a prayer of thanksgiving.  If he and all his loved ones are always blessed with good health and if he has no material cares, he will hardly bring himself to utter an earnest prayer of thanksgiving.

                Prayer of Thanksgiving is a worship to your God. It is so important in the life of a believer! It shows that you love the Lord, your God with all your heart, your soul, and spirit. It shows that you acknowledge the Mightiness of the Most High God. Our lord Jesus gave us an example, when He showed us how to pray, quote: "OUR FATHER, WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME". He Started the Lord's Prayer with the acknowledgement of the Greatness of God.

                So, I want to direct this question to you! When was the last time you genuinely and earnestly gave thanks to God? or are you waiting for something spectacular to happen before you know that the life you live is not yours without your  Creator! You need to thank Him for the Love and Mercy He has showed. Thank Him for your existence here on earth.