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In the last article, you were made to understand that there is but one God, but one power, The Father of All! What then is Trinity? God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit! Have you ever pondered about this conception before? How can there be One God and at the same time THREE IN ONE? Humanly, it is impossible right? So find a place and relax, as i take you closer to the truth in the next paragraghs of this article.

           When mankind shut themselves out of paradise by not heeding the guidance of the intuitive perception any longer, which is spiritual and therefore, near to God, but freely choose to cultivate the intellect, subjecting themselves to it and thus becoming slaves of the tool given them to use, they naturally further and further away from God. The cleavage occurred when humanity gave preference to worldly matters, which are unconditionally bounded to space and time.This is alien to the nature of God and therefore makes it impossible to comprehend HIM.

             The gulf became wider with each generation, and men chained themselves more and more exclusively to this earth. They became earthbound intellectually. As man becomes more more materialistic everyday, he firmly bound himself to space and time, it was naturally that their horizon simultaneously became narrowed. Man could no longer understand the spiritual things any more. Even the religious leaders of those days could not recognise the Divine message brought by Jesus to humanity, because they were highly materialistic. And today, it is even worse. So, be careful, who you imitate!

             Man became so materialistic and subjected himself to the rule of the intellect, that he could no longer perceive anything spiritual any more. Even the Prophets sent by God were not heeded to any more.

             The question is, how can man find the connection with the Spiritual again? With his Creator again? It was utterly impossible unless help comes from HIM alone.

            God in His Purity could no longer reveal HIMSELF to the debased intellectual human beings, because they were no longer capable of sensing, seeing or hearing His Messengers again.

             For this reason, God in His Love, through an Act of His Will, severed a Part of HIMSELF and incarnated it in flesh and blood, in a physical body of a male sex- Jesus of Nazareth, Who thus became the incarnate Word, the incarnate Love of God, the Son of God.

                Now, prior to the coming of our Lord Jesus, there had been the FATHER and the Holy Spirit. Creation had to come into existence through the Creative Will of God the FATHER! As such the Creative Will of God the FATHER is the HOLY SPIRIT,  Who is personal in His creating and yet stands or remains completely in the FATHER and the FATHER is within Him as He creates. Everything in Creation is created by the Creative Will of God. The HOLY SPIRIT is also a Son of God, because He is a Part of the FATHER also.

                 Just as the Creative Will of God is personal, so also the Love of God became personal in activity in Jesus. Both being a Parts of the FATHER are one with Him, and the FATHER is within them.

              Let me use this opportunity to explain the term  "Son". I was chatting with my beloved friend, a muslim, then i told him that Jesus is the Son of God! Then he asked a very important question, i quote: "Who is the Divine mother of Jesus, if the Father is God? That is the problem, man always think of the term "Son" in the human way, like a son in a human family.

              For the Divine "Son" mean a "Part" of the FATHER that works specially by ITSELF. Son and FATHER are completely one and can never be seperated! Therefore, never in any case think about the Divine Son according to the human way, for that would be certain to give an absolutely false picture. It would lead you to errors in conception that would completely eliminate the actual facts and would consequently never let you come nearer to the truth!

               Perhaps, one should rather say: It is only God the FATHER, HE works threefold as one! Whatever God the Son works, that He works out of the FATHER, in the FATHER, for the FATHER! He would be nothing without the FATHER; For He is Part of the FATHER and the FATHER Himself is within Him and works in Him. The FATHER does not perchance work out of the Son, thus, not through Him, but in Him! Herein lies the mystery for the human conception because it cannot be described in earthly words.

                In the human family, the son is by himself and the father is by himself, they are and remain two. At the utmost, they can become united in their working, but never one! It is different with the expression God the Son! Just the opposite! God the FATHER and God the Son are one and can only be considered as two in their working, as also the two Sons of God, Jesus and the HOLY SPIRIT are one with the FATHER only in their working two. 

                 Both Sons of God remains closely connected with the FATHER and one with HIM. As Jesus is of the FATHER, so also is the HOLY SPIRIT. Both are Parts of Him. They are like the arms of a human body which can act independently, but still belong to the body, if they are to be complete. Yet they can only carry out independent actions as parts of the whole.

                  Such is God in His omnipotence and wisdom! At His right hand as part of Himself, is God the Son, Love and His left is God the "HOLY  SPIRIT", Justice. They have both emanated from God the FATHER and belong to Him in unity. This is the Trinity of the one God.

                  Before Creation came into existence, God was one! During the process of creating, He severed a part of His WILL to work independently in Creation and thus, became two fold. When later it became necessary to provide a mediator for erring mankind, because the purity of God did not permit a direct connection to self-enchained humanity, out of His love, He severed a part of Himself to act as a temporary bridge in order to make Himself once more understood. Thus, with the birth of Christ, God became a Trinity.

                   If you really want to learn more about God the FATHER, learn from His incarnate Word! The message that He brought this earth and the Prophets too. Do not be only the hearer of this Messages, but you must also apply them in your daily activities.