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The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasised in the life of man. Prayer is so important that, our Lord Jesus had to teach us how to ...



What do you understand by the word "Purity"? Majority will still attribute purity to this physical world. The truth is, man has lost the true meaning of the word "Purity". Some believe that when the physical body is washed, then s/he is pure. Another set believes that physical virginity is purity. There are so many believes surrounding the word "Purity". Some even still believe that fasting makes them pure. All these believes are still somehow earthly, it proves completely the inferior way of thinking of those who subordinated themseves to the intellect, which has itself set the limits to everything earthly. Because it cannot reach any further, with its faculties that are born earthly.

             Before i talk about purity, let me throw a little light on virginity. Being a virgin means being untouched, undefiled or not yet involved in sexual activities. It is good for every underage to be protected from sexual activities, because there is a kind of a protective covering keeping them safe from external influences. there body needs to develop to certain stage of maturity before this protective covering will be removed. untouched children are protected from influences from the ethereal world. Dark influential negative energies cannot reach them because of this covering. Now, this protective covering will remain with them till when the physical body is matured enough and the spirit becomes fully aware of its surroundings. Then the spirit that is not allowed to slumber by the intellect, will always find its path in life. So parents, please keep your children from early exposure to any sexual activities, because if this covering is being removed too early, it brings alot of influences along with it. It could be evil influences from the ethereal world! Teach the children about their physical body, be their best friend, let them be free to talk to you about anything. Tell them stories, let them learn from your mistakes or other people's mistakes. So parents, do not allow your children to be open to dark influences from the ethereal world, before the spirit takes control of your child's matured physical body. Your children are souls that has been put under your care by nature. Watch over them until the are old enough to make decision and become responsible.

            I want you to know that being a virgin does not implies that you are pure. You can be a virgin, but if your thoughts, deeds and words speak evil of you, then you are not pure or better still, your not a chaste. A non virgin can be a chaste, while a virgin might not be a chaste. 

        I want to use this opportunity to talk more about purity and chastity. "Purity is Divine", only the beings in the Divine realm can attain purity. The fact that man originated from the spiritual realm, implies that man cannot attain a state of purity here on earth with his physical body. The conception of purity cannot be grasp by man on earth. Now, the spiritual representation of the Divine purity is chastity. Just like Purity, man has also lost the true meaning of chastity too. Man can only attain a state of chastity and not purity. Only Dinvine beings can attain purity, not spirits. So most times in this blog when i ask you to always  keep your thoughts pure, i am actually teaching you how to practice chastity. Chastity is different from man's idea of it, its far more comprehensive than just abstaining oneself from sexual activities. Since  we as human beings can only practice chastity, then i guess i should just use the word "Chastity" in place of "Purity" in this article. And donot worry, i know why i titled the article "PURITY".

            To practice chastity, it should suffice as a fundamental law for every maturing human spirit. In the Divine realm, purity is closely united with love!  In the spiritual realm, chastity and love are close united too! So for you to attain chastity on this gross material world i.e this physical world, you should not try to seperate it from love! 

          You cannot clean your physical body, and expect that you are practicing chastity, if you are inwardly dirty, then its of no use cleaning your physical body alone. You cannot wash the outter part of a cup, while the inner part is dirty, such cup is not worthy of use in serving a drinking water. the first you have to do is to clean the inside of that cup first, then every other thing follows. Just like i always say, keep your the thought of your hearth pure, always renew your mind with what is noble and clean. Meditate on the scriptures or whatsoever book is it that you believe is noble. please, am not talking about occult books. Keep yourself from filthy environments like a sexually incited places, so that you do not become contaminated ethereally, free yourself from all negative thought forms. Keep your inner garment clean and your physical garment will become clean automatically.
      Chastity lies in the Will Of God, so it does not demands that man should go against nature; that would be an offense against the laws vibrating in creation and could only result in harmful effects.

         Charity can help clean your inner garments, clear you off your numerous guilt that you have burden yourself with. Your thoughts will become pure when you become a chaste. Always endeavor to love, respect and serve others around you. Rejoice with with someone who is happy. Learn to pray for your loved ones, friends, neighbours, leaders, and even to those you think hates you. You do not have to know someone before you are good to that person, s/he does not have to be same tribe or race with you, so stop tribalism and racism. Let people know you for what is good and noble. Your love for people must be equal and unconditional. If you really want to know what true love on earth is, study a mother-child love. 

             For man today, selfisness, hatred, backbiting, lusts and many more lead the way. Man cannot do anything, anymore without thinking about himself first. If there is no material gain, he would not serve.

               Do you know that every religion preaches love? Every religion preaches chastity? then why are there so much evil in our society? The truth is, even the religious bodies are not spared from intellectual dominance. There is much evil because man has totally submitted to the rule of the intellect. He has allow the intellect to  take control of his every activities. The intellect cannot truly love. Love is strange to it, likewise chastity.

                Remember, you are a stranger in the Gross material world. You are here to uplift this subsequent creation. You are here to become a fully grown, developed human spirit being. Think of your stay here on earth as a school, you are in school to learn, to become educated, to improve on yourself and if you do not do well in a particular examination, an opportunity will be given to you to resit for such an examinaton again. Hence, an opportunity for everyone to graduate. The truth is that you have been on this earth before, your existence on earth right now is not the first, but it can be your last if you study well and pass your examination i.e living in accordance with the Will of your Creator. Love and chastity are in accordance with the WILL OF GOD.

                Always strive to attain chastity.  You might be asking, "How do i become a chaste"? If you want to be a chaste, then endeavor to practice the following; "He who in his actions always remembers not to harm his fellow-man who reposes trust in him, not to do anything that may later oppress him, will always act in such a way as to remain spiritually unburdened, and may therefore be called truly chaste!". Our Lord Jesus Christ was simply saying the same with the statement; "Love thy neighbour as thyself". These words look simple, but they carry enormous power in them. These simple words, rightly understood, can fully protect and guide man through the entire creation and lead the human spirit back to the luminous garden. The spiritual realm. The home of the human spirits. These words are  the key to rightful activities here on earth, for you to be a genuine chaste, you must practice this words. But you must beware of falling back into the old human faults, and of once more construing and partly distorting the meaning of these powerful words of our Lord Jesus Christ, so as to make them suit your own purpose and soothe you in your own doing. Absorb these words as they are truly meant to be absorbed, not as it appear convenient to you and suit your stubborn voliton. Only then  will this words  be like the keenest sword in your hand, with which you can slay all Darkness if you but will it. Let these words become alive within you in the right way so that, filled with gratitude, you can grasp life on earth as a jubilant victor!



From the articles "WHO AM I", and "THE ARRIVAL OF MAN ON EARTH", i wrote about the origin of man , as a spirit-germ who has journey downward through creation. This is not the first time you have existed on this earth. you have been here several times. You might have been on earth in your past earth life as a dark skin person or light skin person. You could have been  rich or poor, disabled or able bodied. That does not matter now. What matters now is your present existence on earth. But, while your here, try as much as possible to develop yourself spiritually. But you cannot develop yourself spiritually, without your physical body being in good health. The spirit, the soul and the physical body must be in good health in order for them to relate harmoniously. Your body is a gift, you must take care of.

        Man on earth is more of a visitor here on earth, he is to stay for the main time and then return back into the unseen world, the beyond. The beyond is quite different from what you have been hearing from your religious teachings. Man cannot just lay down his physical body and expect to see God and rest in his bossom which is a popular saying. even in your most developed form spiritually, you cannot see God in His unsubstantiate form. The boundary of the human spirit is the Spiritual realm, he cannot enter into the Divine realm.

         In this article, i want to compare man as a cell in the human body.  His responsibilties as an individual in creation and as a human being on earth. Every human spirit here on earth has a physical body enthrusted to it. Except for those souls who has been earthbounded. All humans are from the same origin, irrespective of what position you attain here on earth. I want to use the analogy of a human body to explain the importance of every human being on earth. Before i make any comparison, i need to highlight some biological terms. Do not worry, i will make it a little simple for you to grasp, incase your not a science person. But incase you already know much, just skip the next paragraphs and move to the 9th paragraph.

           Cells are smallest unit of life, they serves as building blocks and functional units of life. the study of cells is known as cell biology. An organism with only one cell is called unicellular organism and the one with more than one cell is a multicellular organism. Man is a multicellular organism, likewise all animals and plant that you can see without the use of microscope. The human body contains trillions of cells, each with a special purpose of existing. cells are in different sizes, but each of them has a specific function they partake in. Example of cells are the muscle cells, fat cells, nerve cells e.t.c

             Now, when cells emsembles themselves together in order to carry out a specific function and purpose, the colony that is formed is called Tissue. Each cell must take part in the development of a tissue. The study of tissue is known as Histology. Examples are the connective tissue, muscle tissues e.t.c The cell in one tissue can be slightly different structurally from cells in another kind of tissue for example, the cell in a muscular tissues has  the ability to stretch and contract depending on the conditions surrounding it, while the cells in other tissues might not have such feature. The functions of tissues in the body are so numerous that i can only list but a few. Tissues help the body in absorbing water and nutrients, they help in the elimination of waste product from the body, they also take part in the transportation of fluids and other substances in the body.

            Tissues in turn ensembles together to form an organ. each organ in the body, with different size and shapes in the body perform a specific functions. this collective tissues must work together harmoniously, if an organ is to be in good health. The brain is the most  complex of all the organs in the body. 

            The working together of all the organs in the organs in the body, with their different purposes, forms the organ system or simply called body system. Example of a body system is the nervous system which comprises of the muscles, nerves, brain e.t.c The muscular system enables body movement.

              Lastly, these systems, working together to form a complete whole organism. many parts make up a whole organism. As you observe the body closely, you will notice that it is made up of parts within parts. A replica of creation as a whole. The little occurence that you can observe in this physical world is just a replica of bigger occurence in creation. Another example, can you identify the similarities between our solar system and the revolutions of electrons round the nucleus of an atom?

          Now, i want to make the comparison of the responsibilities of man in creation and that of a cell in the body system. The first thing you need to know is that every human being is an individual. we are to experience ourselves individually, but we are a part of a whole. There is a bond that connects all humans as one. So the individual being can be imagined as a cell in the body. An individual cell can exist on its own such the amoeba, paramecium e.t.c most cells in the human body system needs to associate with other cells close to it in order for it to function well and survive. The human society is built in such a way that you need your fellow humans in order to survive. Every cell is as important as every other cell in the body system irrespective of its specific function.  The same way you are of utmost important in creation, especially, this subsequent creation.

            Now, lets imagine a cell in a tissue as you in your family, relatives, friends, neighbours,  village, province, your street, your immediate vicinity. You cannot overemphasize the important role your family had played in your existence on earth right from the day you were born till now. You have to be grateful for your earthly family into which you were born. Honor your parent because of the love they have bestowed upon you. You do not have to be biologically descended from them before he or she becomes your parent. It is good to participate in activities that will uplift  that your immediate environment. Your contributions matters alot in their little ways. A tissue comprises of colony of cells and must survive by the contribution of each cell in that colony. I want you to know that you influence your surroundings and the people around you one way or the other with your thoughts, words and deeds. Mostly your thoughts, we will talk about your thoughts probably in the nearest future.

                The organs can be liken to the larger society, the town, city, a country. Do not discriminate, no matter what part of the country you are from. Do not allow any form of disunity arise  between two or more people. always strive to bring peace between you and others. Remember, everybody is your neighbour as long as he/she is a co- sojourner on earth.

                Lets take the organism as a whole as the creation. you being a creature in this part of creation has a responsibilities to uphold this subsequent creation by the living creative power that you as a spirit have been endowed with. hmmmm responsibilities!! That is a topic on it own. But i will give you a little hints here. In creation, their is only one power streaming through it. There is not such thing good powers and evil powers. There is only one power and that one power only originates from God. Man has been given the ability to direct this Divine power in the direction he  wishes. according to the volition of man, i.e the will of Man, he can direct this power for the good of mankind, and to further the development of this subsequent creation or use it to destroy what he is suppose to build. You can decide to use your thoughts, words and deeds to make this earth a better place or destroy it. But which ever decision you take, remember the Law of Reciprocal action.

               Do not mind your physical appearance, you are just like your fellow humans spiritually. you are not different from your neighbours spiritually.  Man should forget about his skin colours and focus on how to uplift himself. Treat others as you will have them treat you. Avoid creating disunity wiithin yourself. Each one works for everyone and everyone works for each one. Just like each cell has a role to play in the seemed mighty organism, so are your importance in creation. Especially, this subsequent creation. use your imaginations to fight darkness and use your deeds too. let your words uplift people around you instead of bringing them down. Let love lives inside you, love for your fellow humans, love for nature, love for your God.

              Now, if what you desire is to use the power for evil, then you will be creating an imbalance in creation. If a cell, tissue, organ or a system refuse to function properly, then it will cause the whole organism a grievous pain. what  will happen is that the body of the organism needs the infected part to heal itself, if not, then it has to be eliminated. The same with those whose propensity is to do evil.



Prayer! If i may ask, what do you understand by the word "Prayer"? Different people reads different meaning to the word. Majority see prayer as a means to make their request known to God. Some see prayer as a means of sipritual warfare. While some only pray when they are passing through hard periods in their life. I have heard people praying for their enemies to die, which is a very wrong conception on their own part. you do not pray for your enemies to die, that is if really you have one, rather, bless them. such prayers can not even reach the ceiling of the room.

             Man must learn the real meaning of prayer, else he will continue to pray amiss. When you find out that meaning, you will find out what really counts is not what you are, but what you may become. Then you will begin to pray an effective prayer. Despite a general misunderstanding as to the real meaning of prayer, no intelligent person will deny its value in any progressive plan of life.

              In the article "LET THE THOUGHT OF THOU HEART BE PURE", i talked about the necessity of keeping your thoughts pure. That  is the only way in which you can live a happy life on earth and thereafter you are severed from your physical body. Your thoughts are as important as your deeds and words. Prayer is more of a person sending out thought-forms. The main purpose of prayer will become effective through reciprocal action.

              Let me use this opportunity to talk about the effect of prayer on your  physical body.  Prayer enlivens the inner man, i.e The spirit, by stimulating constructive excitation of the human emotions. Prayer brings about balance between the intuitive perception and the intellect, thereby, having a stabilizing effect upon the human organism. Prayer subdues the turbulence of the intellectual conflicts within and effects a state of harmony in the entire consciousness. This peaceful and harmonious state of mind will result in a healthier condition of the body. The influence of prayer could result in terms of increased physical buoyancy, greater intellectual vigor, moral stamina and a deeper understanding of realities underlying human relationships. A genuine prayer always bring calmness, strength, recovery, plans suddenly arising in the mind, the solution to difficult problems etc. Something good will always come of it, be it only increased composure and some way out of that difficulty. Prayer does not necessarily involves uttering of words, it is more like a kind of meditation, sending out positive and constructive thoughts which become effective through reciprocal action. The heart, as the pump of life in the physical body, beats more quickly in response to the greatness of good. The heart is virtually "lifted" with prayer.

              I do not want to talk about principal roles the laws of creation that make prayers effective such as the law of attraction of homogeneous species and law of reciprocal action plays and the ethereal happenings of the thoughts sent out during prayers. But should you want to know more? please  seek the Grail message. I do not want to confuse you here.

              For you to pray, there must be an inner urge to pray, if not, then do not even bother to pray, because your wolds or thoughts will dissolve into nothing. For you to pray, you must feel the urge to pray. If prayer is not felt deeply within you through and through, it has no value and therfore will have no effect. The best foundation for a prayer which may be expected to have effect lies in those moments of spontaneous thankfulness rising out of great happiness or of deepest pain resulting from heartfelt grief. In such moments a person is filled with one particular intuitive perception which dominates all else. Thus, enabling the main wish of the prayer. And when you want to pray, always try to be alone,  and in a quiet place. Pray in quietness and purity, so that the power of the intuitive perception will be increased through purity that luminous lightness which will enable the prayer to be carred upward to the heights of all that is light and pure. By pure, i mean purification of your thoughts,  because when you always strive to think what is noble, and good, it will always reflects in your choice of words. However, your posture during prayer does not matter at all.

              As soon as the urge to pray becomes alive within you, you can achieve purity in prayer. It does not matter which religous denomination you belong, you can attain purity and your prayer receiving the required attention that it needs. The peace of seclusion and the deeper concentration helps to strengthen the power of a prayer. Also you need to  free yourself of all negative emotions such as doubt, anxiety, fear etc. Prayers are not answered by its many words, but by the sincerity with which it is being prayed. So repetition of words ought to be avoided, if possible, pray with your thoughts only, and not with words.

              When you pray, take note of your wandering thought. The truth is that, when you want to pray, you have to let go everything and concentrate. And do not manifold your pray, you do not approach God in prayer with so many request, thoughts. The way in which you must approach your creator is with a petition about that which oppresses you, most disturbing  and most important at that particular moment in which you pray. Do not pray for something that does not really bother you, since such prayer cannot come alive deep within your intuition. It become an empty form and quite naturally weakens some other and perhaps really necessary request. Therefore, pray for what is really necessary only. All empty phrases should be avoided. Do not disturb others with your prayer, rather, do not let them know you are praying. Unless you are praying to impress others. Such prayers are bound to fall to pieces and must foster hypocrisy!

                 Just like i said before, your prayers can be answered, irrespective of your religion. Be prayerful, because there are lots and lots of benefits that comes with it. A helping hand will always be extended downward towards you when you pray genuinely and effectively.


I want to commence with an explanation of what i call "THE GOLDEN GIFT". You use it everyday, but you do nothing with it. Does that sound impossible to you? Well, take for example, a child with a pencil, each day the child takes up his pencil and scibbles. He cannot write, he cannot compute, he cannot draw. So while he uses the pencil everyday, he actually does nothing with it. What then is the Golden gift, whose powers you use so casually? As you may know that all physical animals on earth needs a kind of nervous system in order for its entire physical body to be controlled. You will recall from past articles that man's physical body is purely animistic? Therefore, his body is controlled also by the nervous system. Now, The Golden gift is the main organ of the nervous system i.e The Brain. Let me give you a hint on why am call it the Golden gift. Your brain is a Golden gift, in your brain lies the power to make use of all your untapped resources. Your brain is more "Golden" and more of a gift than that. Your brain not only supplies the power to use your potentialities, it also holds all the resources you possess.

        The Golden gift can bring you longer life, better health, greater wealth,  increased happiness, more vitality. In short, your brain gives you the power to control all the essential aspects of a full life and full living. It is also a means by which the spirit can communicate with the physical body.

           I want to carry everybody reading this article along, even if you are not science oriented. lets divide the human brain into two parts namely: The frontal brain and the hindbrain. The frontal brain is much bigger than the hindbrain, it is associated with with executive functions such as reasoning, planning, vision,  motor control, abstract thought,  language, voluntary breathing and sleeping are also controlled by the brain. The frontal brain is the intellectual part of the brain, which man needs on order to be able to interact in this physical world and there is nothing spiritual about the frontal brain, therefore, it is bounded by time and space. The hindbrain  much smaller than the frontal brain  and it is located just behind the frontal brain. It is the hindbrain that is spiritually connected, it is the medium with which the spirit can commune with the physical body. It is the bridge with which the spirit can pass intuitive perception to the frontal bain for interpretation. Well, i will explaine that one later but not in this article.

            Now, the question is, how did sin or wrong doing originated from? It might surprise you to know that in the early days of man on earth, the frontal brain was once the same size as the hindbrain. Sin was the consequence of the origin fall of man. The sin or wrong doing lay in the over-cultivation of the intellect, associated with which was the voluntary chaining of man to time and space. There were additional effects resulting from purely intellectual activities such as love of gain, imposing on others, oppression etc which again brought about many others, infact, all evils in their train. Through being continually exerted, the frontal brain which produces the intellect became disproportionately enlarged. It was therefore quite natural due to the course of evolution that this change in structure expressed itself in the procreation of the physical body and that at birth, children entered this world with an increasedly developed and stronger frontal brain.

           When man made the intellect power to dominate all else, he not only chains himself to time and space, but also to everything that is earthly and gross material. He then became incapable of grasping anything that is ethereal or spiritual. Due to his inability to grasp anything, all that he grasp before his fall has become fables, fairy tales, legends and stories and in addition entangles himself in all sorts of evil, which is inevitable, where the intellect dominates.

           The Hereditary sin is the coming into this physical world with this voluntary over-cultivated frontal brain, containing the danger of a mere intellectual domination with its inevitable evil manifestations. Man on earth today inherit this excessive artificial cultivation of the frontal brain which exposes man from birth to the danger of too easily entangling himself in evil. At any rate of narrow-mindedness which results from enchainment to course matter makes it more difficult to recognise God. That wad why the religious leaders days could not recognise our Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Even if Christ is to come today, the religious leaderd of today will still rise up against him because in today's world of matter, the intellect has gained massive dominance and it opposes every spiritual.

               Man must always make endeavor to control his physical body, including his intellect. And the way to take control of the body is for the spirit to take over but the truth is most people are spiritually indolent, canal, controlled by the lust for flesh. Do not be conformed to this physical world. Man inherited only the danger, not the sun itself, therefore, he is in no wise compelled to allow his intellect to rule unconditionally and thus, submitting himself to it. On the contrary, he can wield the greatest power of the intellect like a sharp sword to clear his path in his daily bustle of life, as directed by his intuitive perception, which also called "THE INNER VOICE".

          Sinning against your body, means abusing the physical body,  thereby, going against nature, because your body physical body is part of nature. By abusing the physical body? i mean debasing the human body even to the lower than the level of animals. Do not abuse your body exerting to much strain in it like excessive sex, excessive alcohol, over-feeding. Smoking is not only harmful to your body, the it has on the environment and others around who inhale it too. And when are against nature,  that means you refuse to observe the laws governing nature, and creation at large.

           Sin is actually when man refuse to observe the laws governing creation, the Will of God, the Holy spirit. It is utterly impossible the sin against the Holy spirit, without paying for your sin. what you sow, you must reap, no two ways about it. Just because a set of people believes that something is a sin, does not make that thing a sin. I will discuss more on sin in the future. I would have loved to continue but i want you to absorb today's article.



Man wears the physical garment which he needs for the maturing of his spirit in the world of Gross matter with an irresponsible indifference and lack of understanding. As long as he has no pains, he neglects the gift he has received and does not even dream of giving to the body what it needs, above all what would benefit it. He never attend to the body until he has damaged it and consequently feels pain, or until it somehow hampers him in carrying on his daily work or in following some trifling pursuit or hobby.

          Excessive eating and drinking,  to you it might seems pleasant, but actually, you are bringing harm to the body by your excessive eating and drinking. However, it is just the care of the healthy body which is an urgent necessity.

         Man shall give to the healthy body what it needs. He shall observe it with all the care required for the proper activity of this most necessary implement in the word of Gross Matter. For indeed it is the most precious possession which every human being has received for his time here on earth.

          Just look around, how frivolously and carelessly, peeople neglect their bodies and how they abuse their bodies with all kinds of over-exertions. So i beg my fellow youths, do not treat your body like a piece of trash. You become so addicted to sex, narcotic drugs, alcohol consumtions, smoking, idleness, reckless driving and other harmful activities to the physical body and frittering away the best time of development in your existence on earth. The very time when man must begin to soar upwards in order to become a full-fledge human being in this creation, In order to attain the spiritual maturity needed to enable him to fill th position which man as such much fill and fulfill in creation in accordance with the laws of his creator, his Lord!

           Through the physical body, the spirit makes contact with his entire surroundings in order to work fully conscious therein, and thus with full responsibility to his Creator!

           Wherever you turn to investigate you must recognise that man has no knowledge as yet of the laws of creation! He has no idea of the responsibity he must unfailingly bear for the physical body entrusted to him! Nor does he realise the value of the physical body enthrusted to him! Nor does he realise the value of the physical body for his position in creation, but keeps his eyes fixed only upon this earth.

            Under no occassion  should you intentional inflict pain on your physical  body, let alone attempting any suicidal activities. Under no circumstances should you intentionally undergo sacrificial  suffering or sacrificial death. The erroneous view has become deeply anchored in the acts, for there the thought is frequently glorified that one person through his voluntary sacrificial or love-death can bring "redemption" to another. The law of God, however, in its inflexible justice does not permit one person to intervene for the guilt of another. Such a deed brings nothing but guilt upon the person who sacrifices himself and who thereby forcefully shortens his life on earth. Such people always believe that their sacrificial act is done for the good of somebody or group of people, that it pleases God to sacrifice himself  for others, which is wrong. How do you please God, when you are against the laws of God Himself? Do not blaspheme the Lord your God. By such acts, it is personal conceit, not pure love which brings fort such deeds. In the beyond, such soul must suffer the consequences of their deeds. While the other person is not helped in any way by such an action. Again nothing but human conceit dares to expect from Divine justice, which cannot be influenced, that it would be capable of accepting such a sacrifice.

           Therefore, Man, learn to understand your physical body properly so that you can treat it accordingly. He cannot do too much in caring for it, in keeping it clean and pure, because it is indispensable for this particular life on earth. Only then will you become able to use it aright, to master it so that it becomes what it becomes what it is meant to be for you here on earth.

           The first consequence of real control over your physical body shows itself in the grace and beauty of your movements, which enables the power of the spirit in the harmony with its implement to become visible. For power is derived from the spirit only, strength from the body. A body that is maintained and permeated by spitual power has elastic movements and strides along with a light, springy step? regardless of whether its weight is heavy or light. A person with a heavy step always gives proof of nothing but a lack of the proper mastery of his body through his spirit. It is spiriual control which distinguishes man from the animal, because thr animal soul is from the animistc realm. If you will observe animals very well, you will notice its movements, it always shows a very definite kind of beauty adapted to its body. Because in animals, the animistic always is always in control. But man does not always allow the spirit to takeover, that is why majority of human beings hobble or stump along, either thoughtlessly or deep in thought or they hasten along nervously, distraughted and absent-minded.

                 Through all neglect of his earthly body, man shows the immaturity of his spirit! A matured spirit will always respect his body as is necessary implement for the achievement of his earthly maturity and he will not abuse it senselessly. Beauty and grace are the expression of a pure human spirit in all its activity, which also includes the movements of the physical body.

                The earthly body of each human being in every respect is closely connected or linked with that soil, the part of the earth in which he was born. This is in acordance with the law of creation governing all matter. It is connected to the stars of this particular region and with all the radiations that belong thereto. Only that part of the earth gives the body exactly what it needs t blossom forth properly and remain vigorous. That is why, if you find yourself in a foreign land, you will always yearn for your homeland. The earth also provides everything the human bodies needs in its different zones, always at the proper time and in manner in which the gross material bodies that have been into each particular zone needs it. Food, herbs, water, fruits, there, they are advantageous and upbuilding for the human body at that time when the earth produces them. everything in its own season. Creation gives man everything he needs for his earthly body and also gives it in the proper sequence and at the right time.

               It is not arbitrary or accidental that earthmen are of different form and race, the primordial laws of creation place humans in the exact region which alone serves for their maturing on earth,  and also equip them according. Your location on earth is actually an advantage to you. Mingle with your environment, animals, people, nature because you are part of them, they are part of you.

               Permits me to digress alittle from the topic. I love animals, let me share with you my observance of the ants. sincerely speaking, i do learn alot from this adorable sweet little creatures. have you ever wondered how one ant will discover a food bigger than itself, and before you know, there are many ants gathering that food, planning and organising themselves on how to move that for either by carrying together or taking it piece by piece? An ant can pick any scent, for example, it picks the scent of a food it cannot carry, so it needs others to givea hand. So what the first ant does, is to go close to another ant, sometimes, it seems as if they are having a peck, the second ant picks that same scent from the first ant and proceed to trace the part taken by the first ant with that same scent? it gets to where the food is. The first does the same to many other ants untill they are large enough to carry that food. Ants always know there rights,. If you really need the true meaning of democracy? meet the ants, they will teach you. ants run an organised society, where the queen is as equal as the workers. each member of the ant society has a responsibility. all is living for the upliftment of the society, no self ambition. Man really needs to learn from his surroundinngs. see later guy.



In this article, i will be explaining the arrival of the inner most part of man, the spirit- germ into the world of Gross matter, in which the earth is a part of. Incase your coming across this blog for the first time, then i will plead with you to read first the previous articles i wrote titled "INTRODUCTION TO CREATION", "WHO AM I" and "THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAN AND ANIMAL", because that is the only way you can have a little understanding of what am about to share with you.

             We already talked about the origin of man, that man originated from the part of the spiritual Realm called the unconscious spiritual substantiality as a spirit-germ. The expulsion of the spirit-germ was necessary for the development into a conscious developed human spirit. That was the starting point of your development towards consciousness. The developed ones of subsequent creation to which we human beings also belong. Now, am going to  you a brief description on the course taken by the spirit-germ after its expulsion from the spiritual realm.

              The spirit-germs, on expulsion or ejection from the spiritual realm sinks down and thus enters into an animistic ring surroundings, where it was covered with a cloak which corresponding to the nature of that surrounding. The thus, veiled spirit-germs, which still slumber in complete unconscious, definitely will find it way into the ethereal matter. This in turn, the germ was veiled again with a second cloak of  a different nature and corresponding with the particular surrounding in which they are. It is in this ethereal part of creation that the veiled spirit-germ was tendered for and it becomes stronger and stronger, due to the fact that it is roused through the effects which, in spite of the delicacy of this plane, are of a coarser nature than in the spiritual realm, and through the stronger sound of the activity, the spirit-germ can at a definite stage of ripeness awaken to become gradually conscious of its surrounding, but not self-conscious yet. It must shock you now  to know that animals are conscious  of there surroundings but not self-conscious like human being even here on earth. Also, it is in this Etheral matter that the spirit sparks i.e the spirit-germ, take on the human form due to its gaining of consciousness. This is the "SOUL"  of man i.e the spirit covered with the animistic and the ethereal cloak.

            Hence in the Gross material world, physically visible matter, there was gradually formed in the further evolution the vessel in which the veiled spirit i.e the soul of man, could be incarnated. Through the continuously strive forming,  there grew up in time the most highly developed animal which by thinking already made use of various aids for its sustenance and defence. Remember, that the gross material body i.e the physical body of man is nothing more than an instrument that he needs to more than the indepensable instrument that he needs to enable him to work in all directions in the gross material earth and to make himself  to be understood by his fellow sojourners.

             Now, the question is, how did the first man came into existence? Having issued as spirit spark, sinking down through the Ethereal world and at the same time uplifting everything, there stood  at its boundary, at the moment when the gross material earthly vessel rising upwards in its development had reached the highest point. The soul also ready and prepared to unite with gross matter, in order to further and uplift it.

              Thus while the vessel in the world of Gross matter had grown to maturity, the soul in the ethereal world had developed so far that it possessed sufficient strength to retain its independence upon entering the gross matterial vessel. This incarnation of the human soul in the physical body which normally occur in the middle of pregnancy. we are going to talk more about pregnancy. Thus the great epoch in the development of creation had come on the one side in the Gross material stood the most highly developed animal, which was to provide the gross material body as a vessel for the coming man, On the other side in the Ethereal World stood the developed human soul who was waiting to unite with the gross material vessel and thereby give a further impetus for spiritualisation to every thing gross material. Now, when the act of procreation took place between the noblest pair of the highly developed animals, there was incarnated at the hour of incarnation not an animal soul as hitherto, but instead the waiting human sou bearing within it the immortal spirit spark. The Ethereal human souls with predominantly developed positive abilities incarnated in male animal bodies, corresponding to the homogeneity. Those with predominantly negative, more delicate abilities in female bodies.

                 Now, after his birth the first earthman really stood alone, without parents, because of their high development he could not recognise the animals as parents, and was unable to have any communion with them.The severance of the woman from the first human being was an ethereal-spiritual one. It did not take place in a gross-material-earthly way, as in fact the descriptions in the bible and ancient religions, writing mainly refer just to spiritual and Ethereal events. All this was a long-lasting period of development, comprising millions of years.

                  Through her more valuable spiritual qualities, women should and could in reality be more perfect than man, but unfortunately it was just she who above all failed. The offering of the apple, emanating from the woman, was the woman becoming conscious of the effect of her charms upon man and their intentional exploitation. But the taking and eating by the man was his response to it with the awakening urge to draw the attention of woman only to himself by beginning to make himself desirable through accumulating treasures and appropriating various things of values.



The spirit is never submissive. The nature of the human spirit is really incompactible with submission. It is utterly impossible for the human spirit to submit totally. The statement of our Lord Jesus Christ: "THY WILL BE DONE!",  people who believe in God utter these words submissively! These words are used almost exclusively where sorrow that was inescapable has entered. When Man realises that he could do nothing more about it, then if he is a believer, he will say in passive submission: " Thy Will be done!". It is not humility, however, that prompts him to speak thus, but the words are meant to calm him in face of something he has been powerless to deal with. That is the origin of the submission which man express in such case. If, however, he were offered the slightest opportunity to alter things in my way, he would not care about the WILL of God, but his submissive attitude would again quickly be changed to the form: "My will be done". such is man!

             Human submission is never genuine. just take yourself as a case study. You must have prayed or ask God for a thing one time or the other saying "God, if only you can do this or that for me, i will make sure i do this or that in order to show gratitude to you". But the very moment you grasp that thing you submissively asked for, you completely forget about your pledges,  you start giving excuses of how you could not redeem your pledge.

            In most of Africa and Asia and some other part of the world, wives are expected to be submissive to their husband, in most cases they do not have a say in the marriage. They have to go with whatever decisions their husband has made without any questioning. At one point or the other, there is bound to be rebellion on the part of the woman. The truth is manhood is not greater than the womanhood in creation, though, different in their activities in creation. The male human spirit is more active and aggresive while the female human spirit is less aggressive, a bit delicate. So in this Gross material world, the male are stronger, heavier and are more familiar with this physical world due to the nature of their activities. While the female man are delicate, less heavy and a little strange to this physical world, and more spiritually connected. I will talk about this elaborately later.

             So husbands, remember that your wife completes you, in what you lack spiritually, she is to help you and the family find your path back to the luminous light. Do not in anyway enslave her. Being a little strange in this physical world, they are easily deceived, so you need to protect her in that part too. In return she will guide you intuitively, because i will say women are more spiritually connected. A man and his wife are bounded spiritually as one. Love her like you love yourself. Instead of expecting her to submit to every of your authority/decision,  make decisions together. Your wife is your nearest neighbour, closest friend, like your new mom. we talk more on marriage later.

                Children can be submissive,  yes, because until the maturity of the physical body, the spirit in children cannot take control of the body and its surroundings, but immediately maturity sets in, do not expect your child to be submissive again, because the spirit is not submissive when it is fully awaken in a matured phisical body. So , parents, it is easier to teach your child while he/she has not reach maturity.

                  Submission! This word should not exist at all for believers in God! Simply should be replaced with "Joyful volition"! God does not want dull submission from man, but joyful activities. Submissive people bear the lie within, for submission is absolutely incompactible with "spirit"! Therefore, also with the human spirit! All that is spirit is utterly unable to bring the quality of true submissiveness to life within itself! Wherever it is attempted, it must remain artificial, thus self-delusion or even conscious hypocrisy! But it can be genuinely felt because the human spirit, being spiritual, is incapable of it.

                  Submissiveness is a quality that lies solely in the animistic! Only in the animal does it find gunuine expression. The animal is submissive to its master! but the spirit does not know this  designation! Therefore it always remains unnatural for the human being. submission was drilled into slaves with difficulty and harshness, because they were put on par with animal, in sale and purchase, as personal property. Yet the submission could never become really genuine in these slaves. It was either dullness, fidelity or love that lay hidden under the submission and gave it expression but never true submission. Slavery is unnatural among human spirit.

                     The submission of the animistic finds it enhancement in the spiritual in conscious and willed loyalty! What denote submission in the animistic, therefore, loyalty in the spiritual. sibmission does not befit man, because he is of the spiritual!

                     So am using this opportunity to advice you reading this article right now, no matter the position you occupy in the society, do not see yourself being more important than others. Rather, be friendly, kind, serve and most importantly love others.  We are all children of creation. i wish every one could be "CHILDLIKE" and this earth will be a better place for all of us.



From the past articles, we learnt that Man originated from the unconscious spiritual substantiality, wandering through creation and now found himself on this Gross material world. the long journey was necessary for the development of the spirit-germ. Now being born into this physical world, for interaction, Man needs a physical body i.e that is you are not your physical body. Your physical body is just like a tool that the spirit man needs in order to interact with the physical world, your physical body is a gift to You, You must take care of it. Live a healthy life! Exercise makes the physical body strong and healthier. Do not abuse your physical body. Well, we shall talk more about the physical body later.

              If you STUDY MANKIND, you will find that they fall into different groups. There is one group which lives in the past. That is to say, they begin to understand an event only when it is past! As a result they can neither truly rejoice about something that is happening, nor intuitively perceive its full gravity. Only afterwards do they begin to talk about it, to enthuse about it, or feel regret. And while constantly speaking of the past, they continually overlook present events.

Again,there is another group which lives in the future! They set all there wishes and hopes on the future and thereby forget that the present has so much to offer them. Both  groups to which the majority of men belong, have not, so to speak, really lived on earth at all; they fritter away their precious time.

Please permit me to give you a little hint about "TIME", there are certain conceptions that are totally inconprehensible and inconceivable to Man. For example, man can never understand what "Eternity" is all about, he cannot even imagine it, let alone form a picture about it. "Infinity" "Divinity", there are many more conceptions that Man can never grasp with his intellect no matter how hard he tries. TIME is also one of the conceptions that cannot be grasp by Man. It might shock you  to know that TIME does not change. TIME is eternal, TIME records everything, but itself does not change. What changes is how and where you experience TIME and your experiences are only perculiar to you alone. Your intellect cannot understand what am talking about now, only intuitively can you understand what am talking about. Sometimes, you experience Time fast, sometimes slowly but that does not change the fact that TIME changes not.

Alot of people still do not experience Time at all, they are either lost in the past or they are far gone into the future. Take a little time out to ponder about this TIME issue and you realize that what your reading right now about time is true. Think about an hour ago and this present moment that you are right now, is there any difference? NO! The difference is how and where you experience an hour ago and how and where you are experiencing the present moment that you are right now. Your yesterday was not different from this present moment, just that it is a past experience now. You alone can determine how and where you want to experience your little time on earth. Everything you see, feel, touch, changes in  TIME, And TIME records them all. There is nothing that happened in the past that TIME does not record. even the birth of our planet earth is recorded by TIME. The future  that a lot of people are so engrossed in, will surely come to past, and when it comes, it will surely be like this present moment that you are right now. What matters is how you choose to experience it and benefits from it. The truth is you can neither experience the future nor the past because they do not exist. Only the NOW", The present moment can you really experience. This is how to enjoy life, by always being in the present, experience it, feel the NOW.

It might shock you to know your mind, the intellect hates the NOW. It looses it powers to  it and always out of balance with the NOW. When you are in the NOW,  the spirit takes control of everything. You become stronger spiritually. You will begin to see the beauty in everything you come across. Always strive to be in the NOW, though, it might not be that easy at first but persistency is key here. In the future, i will teach you how to be in the NOW. One of the way to live in the PRESENT is MEDITATION.

There will be those who on hearing the call to live in the PRESENT MOMENT will imagine something entirely wrong. Please living in the PRESENT MOMENT does not mean to live a life in somewhat frivolous life! With this call, i do indeed encourage the full enjoyment of every seconds, minutes, hours, every moment inwardly, then outwardly! Every single hour of the present must became a real experience for a human being, sorrow as well as joy! In all his reflection, his thinking and his intuition he must open to the PRESENT MOMENT and thus, AWAKE! Only in this way can he profit from his life on this earth as it  was meant that he should! Neither in his thougts about the past nor in his dreams of the future can he find real experiencing so strong as to impress his spirit with a stamp which he can take over with him into the beyond as something gained.

 If Man does not live in the PRESENT, he cannot mature spiritually, for maturing depends on experiencing only! If during his life on earth, he has not always experienced the NOW within himself, then he will return empty-handed. He must therefore once more wander through the time he lost, because he was not awake and did not gain anything for himself experiencing!

When Man dies a physical death i.e laying aside his physical body and when he severed from the lifeless body, what does he take with him into the beyond? The earthly knowledge he acquired? NO! his earthly possession? NO! his fame and earthly influences? NO! Though, his works await him, he takes only his experiences with him.

It is right to think of the past in order to learn the lessons it teaches and also to dream of the future to receive encouragement therefrom, but in the PRESENT, one must do nothing but live fully  and consciously.



If you have read the article "INTRODUCTION TO CREATION", you will recall that i tried to paint pictures of the various major spheres in creation for you. Now, for the sake of a more comprehensive view, the main spheres from above downward are reproduced here:

              1:  The Divine:
                                * Divinity unsubstantiality = GOD
                                   * Divinity substantiality

              2:   Spiritual substantiality:
                                 *  Conscious spiritual substantiality
                                    *  Unconscious spiritual substantiality
              3:   Animistic substantiality:
                                 *  Conscious Animistic substantiality
                                    *  Unconscious Animistic substantiality

              4:   The spheres of Matter:
                                    *  Ethereal substance
                                        *Gross matter

           I have talked about the origin of man, that man originated from the spiritual realm, from the spiritual substantiality. Now, i want to clarify it further,  that man originated from the unconscious spiritual substantiality. While the animals you see here on earth, originates from the unconscious animistic substantiality. There are huge difference between the two spheres.

           The animating core of man is spirit. While the animating core of animals is animistic substantiality.

            The origin of the inner man is consequently higher, the spirit is higher than that of the animal, because the Spiritual substantiality stands above the animistic substantiality. However, both man and animals do have something in common i.e the origin of there physical bodies.

             Please, i want to bring to your notice that there were conscious and unconscious animals just like the spiritual beings. but here we only talk about the unconscious animistic substantiality that were ejected too, in order for them to gain consciousness and become developed and then finally find it way back to animistic substantiality. Just like i said before, both man and animal's phsical body shares the same origin, however, the spirit of man, has over ages developed his original purely animal body to a higher state of perfection than was possible for the animistic substantiality of the animal. The theory of the natural development of the physical body from the lowest form of animal body right up to the human body is therefore correct, it shows  in every respect the conscious and uninterrupted working upwards of the creative Will in Nature, a proof of its perfection. But with this theory, one very great mistake was made that man did not take into account what lay beyond the physical world of Gross matter.

              If it is said that the human body i.e the gross material cloak of man, originated from the animal body which existed before the human body, this is correct. But that the inner life of man also originated from that of animal, this is an unpardonable and misleadinding error that must cause a conflict in your thinking faculty!

              The essential difference between Man and Animal lies solely within. Animals can only return to animistic substantiality as "group souls" after casting aside its bodies. While man can only return to the spiritual substantiality after casting away all its bodies. An animal originating from animistic substantiality can never swing upwards to the level of the human being. There difference between  the physical bodies, however, lies only in the outer form, which has been more nobly developed in man by the spirit after it had entered the physical body. In the future we will discuss the arrival of the spirit-germ to the Gross material world.

               The best friend you can ever have is an animal, they are always loyal, humble and they can warn you if there is going to be any natural imbalance in nature that can hurt you just like balaam would have been struck down if not  for the intervention of his horse. Love animals, the way you will love your fellow human being. You can only kill, if and only if  it is necessary. Please do not torture before killing any animal.



The written account of creation should not be taken in an earthly sense. The scriptural narrative also does not refer to this earth. The creation of earth was simply the natural consequence of the further development of the first creation. It is almost incredible how scriptural scholars could have jumped to such an illogical conclusion and incomplete  assumption as that God out of His own perfection could without any transition have immediately created the gross matter earth.

              Do you know every religion has a creation story to tell? But observe carefully this stories, you will noticed they are all saying the same thing. The stories are only painting  pictures of creation. I want you to know that earth or the material world is not the first creation, to get closer to the truth of what actually happened, it is not really necessary to change the words of the scripture. On the contrary, the description of the history of creation represent the truth much more clearly than all the false and incomplete assumptions! It is only the erroneous interpretations which have caused a misunderstanding on the part of so many people. these people quiet rightly sensed the mistakes that is made by persistently placing the paradise referred to in the scripture on this gross materal world, earth, which is so far removed from the Divine. It surely cannot be so little known that the bible is primarily a spiritual book! It gives clarification about spiritual events. Thus, there could be no question of a paradise on earth!

               However, to suppose that paradise was situated here on the gross material earth must breed doubters! The thought of a "driving out" from the earthly paradise, is so unhealthy, as to be almost grotesque. The less perfect a thing is, the further removed it is from perfection. Hence the spiritual beings who were created out of perfection cannot be the human beings on earth, but must have their place closer this perfection and therefore represent the most ideal examples for humanity! They are the eternal spiritual beings who never descend into the world  of matters and therefore never become human beings. They are endowed with magnificent beauties radiates ideal figures who attracts like magnets and at the same time, exercise a strengthening influence on all the abilities of the human spirit-germs and later on the spirits which have attain to consciousness.

                Another statement with wrong conception is "After His Image". I want you to know that a creature can never, ever be like its Creator i.e God. This statement "After His image" means the first created spirit beings can only be after His image, not after Himself, not like God Himself i.e only after that in which He shows Himself, because on pure Divinity Himself is unsubstantiate.

                  When it is said : "In the sweat of thy brow thou shalt eat thy bread", this is metaphorically quite correct. In other words, the turmoil of experiencing makes it necessary for it to defend itself and struggle against the onrushing influences of the lower sphere into which it penetrates as a stranger. I know you will find it difficult to grasp for now, do not worry, with time i will explain in full details, by then your spirit has become matured enough to grasp. This expulsion or ejection or being driven out from paradise is in no wise a punishment, but becomes an absolutely natural and automatic necessity when the spirit-germ is nearing a certain stage of maturing as a result of the urge to develop self-consciousness. It is the birth from the sphere of unconscious spiritual substantiality into the sphere of Animistic substantiality and later into the world of Matter for the purpose of developing. It is progress, not retrogression!

                     The fall of man, which occurred only later and from which hereditary sin developed, was a happening all on its own, to be explained in full details later. The description of the story of creation that man felt the desire to "cover his nakedness" after the conception of good and evil awakened within him, which was the beginning of self -consciousness. From the increasing urge to become conscious, ejection follows automatically, hence its journey began, as the spirit-germ steps out of the Realm of spiritual substantiality, it stands naked" as such in a lower different and denser sorrounding. One can also say "uncovered". It is then that the human spirit feels not only the urge but the absolute necessity to cover itself protectingly with the essence and nature of the substance sorrounding it; it wrap itself in a sort of cloak and take on first, the animistic animistic covering, then the ethereal body and finally also the gross material body.

                      The statement "Let there be light" signifies the beginning Creation but will be so difficult for you to grasp right now because there are lots of things you need to know or else alot of gap will be left behind and you will be confused at the end. So you have to be patient as i unfold before you wealth of knowledge.



           You must have heard Yourself talk to you very often but you ignore, probably because of its calmness, gentleness. That is your intuitive perception. The so-called "inner voice", the spiritual part of man, to which he can listen, is the intuitive perception, it is without reason that people say: "The first impression is always right".

           When i was a little kid, i had that mindset that inside of every man exist the good force and bad force i.e God and the devil. That both forces influences our thought,  that God speak with soft, calm, and sweet voices, while
 the devil speak with a baritone, rogued voice and i believe alot of people still have this mindset. Well, whatever your mindset is, does not really matter right now. Am about to explain what those voices really are.

            For example, what you intuitively sense at a first meeting with a stranger is your intuitive perception, it can either be a kind of warning to be careful,  which may even go as absolute repugnance or something pleasant mounting to a feeling of complete affinity in some cases it may also be indifference! So that very first impression, you had was your intuitive perception. It is always right, that is your spirit man. Now, in the course of conversation or further intercourse with the person, this first impression is brushed aside or entirely effaced through the judgement of the intellect, so that the thought arises that the original intuition was wrong. It almost invariably turn out at the end of that meeting with the person, that the very first intuition  is the right one. And this often occur to the suffering of those who allowed the intellect to mislead them through the deceptive nature of the other person!

               Now, you recall from the article "WHO AM I?", we discussed who man really is, and his origin, that you are a spirit. The spirit needs to operate in this physical world. So in other for the spirit to operate in this physical world, it needs a body to work with. This your physical body has been assigned to you as a tool, in other for you to be able to operates in this physical world.Just like every other thing in this physical world, your physical body is subjected to birth, growth/development, wears and tears, death and decay while YOU [the spirit man] never grow old, because YOU are not bounded by time and space. YOU eternally exist.

                  Now, the spirit man being the driving force, because without the spirit, the body is lifeless. The spirit speaks to the physical body through the intuitive perception. The intuitive perception which is not bounded to time and space but connected with its homogeneous kind, with the spiritual, immediately recognised the true nature of the other  person and did not allow itself to be deceived by the cleverness of the intellect. It is absolutely impossible for the intuitive to err! The spirit can never be wrong in this matter. This is one of the ways in which the spirit guides you.

                   Whenever something strang or new or unexpected wants to happen, you will always receive a first impression which in most cases you ignore. Whenever man is lead astray, there two reasons for his errors. Either the intellect or the feeling! How often it is said that " In this matter i allowed myself to be guided by my feeling/ intellect and got into trouble". such persons has mistaken their feeling for their inner voice. Therefore, be on the guard! Feeling is not intuitive perception! Feelings emanated from the physical body. This generates instinct, which guided by the intellect, produce feeling. However, the combined working of feeling and intellect give birth to imagination. Imagination has a retroactive effect, it can only influence the feelings of its creator  but never of itself send out a wave of power to others.

                       Thus, we can observe on the one side the intuitive perception and on anothers side the body, instinct, intellect, feelings,  a.nd imagination. I am not talking down the body, intellect, feelings and imagination because you will always make use of them in this physical world, they are important during your stay here on earth.

                       That first impression can come in form of a voice, a quick feelings, a sharp and quick picture that you see etc. So always be on the alert to receive from the real YOU. It could be an advice, warning, lesson learnt, etc. 

                         So when next a soft voice speak to you or you see a sharp pictures, it might be related to the experiences your going through or the ones still to come,  just bt be calm and listen, see, or feel. Your first impression is always right.

  Please questions, i will be glad to respond to you as fast as possible. THANK YOU!




        In this article, i want to introduce you to creation, i want you to have a glimpse of the picture of creation. For better understanding it is necessary to give a complete picture of all that exists in order to make it easier for the seeker the find it way to the Eternal kingdom of God. The paradise from which he originated in his very first beginning. In the article " THE UNSEEN WORLD " i made classification of two worlds namely; the seen world and the unseen worlds. i said something about the seen world, i given a brief explain of about the unseen worlds as the Beyond. Today am going to be painting pictures of the unseen worlds into your imagination. Please be focus on what am about to discuss. 

           Imagine Divinity as absolutely the highest over all! GOD Himself, as the starting point of all that exists, as the primordial source of Life, is in His absolute perfection, unsubstantiate. Next to God Himself, in His very own unsubstantiality follow the sphere of Divine substantiality. In this originated the first Beings to take on form and shape. To this sphere belong the Divine Beings. The Primordial Queen, The Archangels, The Elders and many more, all belong to this sphere of Divine substantiality. Lucifer also once belong to this sphere too. It might shock you to let you know that non of this Beings can see God in His unstantiated form. He is far too strong to be seen by them, unless He takes on the form that is comformable to Divine substantiality. Just like Christ took  on the human form, when he was on a mission to the gross material world, because it is utterly impossible for Man to see His real form. 

               The Son of God issued from Divine unsubstantiality as part of it and after fulfilling His mission in the world of gross matter, He had to return back to Divine unsubstantialty and became one with the Father.

                Adjoining the sphere of Divine substantiality is the Primordial Creation, the Eternal Kingdom of God. This is outside Divinity. The Primordial Creation? yes the part of Creation closest to Divinity. In this Kingdom i.e the Spiritual substantiality, there is first of all the conscious spiritual substantiality, consisting of the created eternal spiritual beings, who are also called Spirits. These are perfect, ideal forms of all that the human spirits, in their most perfect development, can and should aspire to be. These spirits were never born into the World of Matter and were created by God Himself, as the first primordial spirits, thus coming closest to Him in perfection. They are the once made after His own image! It must not be overlooked that the story of creation expressly states: "After His Image" for they can only be after His image, not after God Himself i.e only after that in which He shows Himself, because only pure Divinity itself is unsubstantiate. 

                 The paradise of spiritual substantiality also contains the unconscious spiritual substantiality which holds the same fundamental component as conscious spiritual substantiality i.e the spirit germ. The germs that have life and strive to develop towards consciousness. The unconscious, however, can only achieve this consciousness through experiencing and this urge towards further development through experiencing finally causes such maturing and ambitious germs of unconscious spiritual substantialty to be expelled or ejected, which ever way you may call it.

                Next order downwards from this Paradise of spiritual substantialiy, comes the sphere of all Animistic substantiality. This sphere is again divided into two parts. There is first conscious animistic substantiality, consisting of the elemental  and nature beings. To this sphere belong the elves, gnomes, nixels etc. The elemental and nature beings had to co-operate creatively in the development  of the World of Matters, just as they still do today. It might surprise you to know that there are beings that are given charge of taking care of what you see in nature, and the elements as well. some of them have been encountered before by humans before, well topic for another day.

                   Secondly, in the sphere of animistic substantiality, there exists unconscious animistic substantiality. From here issued the life of the animal.  It should be noted that the difference between the spiritual sphere and animistic sphere. The spiritual is higher than the animistic. Only that which is spirit bears within it from the very beginning onwards the power to make a free decision and the resulting full responsibility. This is not the case with beings of animistic substantiality.

                    A further result of the process of development was the creation of matter. This is divided in the Ethereal substance and the gross material substance which commencing with the finest nebulae, is visible to the physical eyes. But there is no question of paradise on earth, as the earth is one of the furthest outposts of gross matter.

                    So long in the course of this article, i have tried as much as to paint a picture of creation for you. Now i want you to know that these spheres mentioned above, also contain plains, different plains and regions. For example,  in the gross material world, there are the plains of Fine Gross Matter, Medium Gross Matter. Right now we are in the plain of densiest and coursest Gross Matter.
                      Please take note that creation only begin from the spiritual substantiality i.e the topmost part of creation and that is the home of all spiritual being, due to the fact that human spirits originates from the spiritual substantiality, the human spirit had been given dominion in creation. that is the reason man on earth, though being a late comer to this earth, had been able to subdue it. But with great power comes greater responsibilities



     WHO AM I? that must have been a question you have ask yourself time without number. And other related questions like where do i come from? why do i exist? well, your intellect could never have asked such questions, your mind couldn't. Such questions could only come from You, your innermost man, the Spirit man in you. There is a difference between your soul and your spirit, i will explain that later, but not in this article, because if i do explain now you will get confused and it won't make sense to you unless i explain first the unseen worlds to you.
       I want to use this opportunity to explain to you a little what a spirit is. The world "spirit" is often used without the speaker being aware of what spirit really is. Some simply call spirit the inner life of man, while others regard spirit and soul as the same. It is often used to describe a spirited person, but this goes no further than mere brain activity. there are many other ways of using the word "spirit", but no one tries to explain what spirit really means.

        You must have heard the quote "GOD is a spirit" the scripture was trying to say that God cannot been seen with the physical eyes. But it might shock you to know that GOD is far, far greater than being a spiritual being. Please, learn something today, GOD is not a spiritual being like Man. He is not of the same origin as you. GOD is the Creator, you are a creature in His Creation. This is one of the error that Man on earth has always bounded himself with and lead himself away from reality. GOD is Divine, and not Spiritual! This in itself explains everything, only spirituality is spirit. This hitherto erronous can be explained by the fact that Man originates from the spiritual sphere, He is therefore unable to think beyond this sphere. The spiritual is the highest in creation.

         GOD is Divine, His WILL is Spirit! out of this His Living Will, His immediate spiritual sorrounding came into being, Paradise and its inhabitants. The Will of GOD, also called the Spirit of GOD, the HOLY Spirit, through His Will creation came into being. Not one thing in all of creation was made without His Will. The scripture made mention of the garden, paradise. It actually exist, even as i write, and it will perpetually exist for eternity. The scripture's account of paradise is correct, just that Man seems to explain these accounts as events that occurred here on earth. Out of this paradise came Man as a spirit-germ to begin his journey through creation.
           I know by now, a lot of questions would have been flooding through your mind, like GOD creating Man in His own IMAGE and Likeness? Yes that is true, just stay tune to this blog as a lot of your questions will be answered in course of time. please ask questions or comment in the comment box below.
          So as i was saying, you started your journey from paradise, also called the spiritual realm, passing through different realms, plains and finally, to this furthered creation, here the gross material world. Man is not the only creature in creation. There are so, so many other creatures existing in creations. Thus, Man is at crown of creation. That is why Man has dominion in creation. well, topic for another day.
             Man is the bearer of spirit in the whole material world, including this earth. Animals do not bear spirit, they do not have anything spiritual in them, only man!

            Now you know what you are, a spirit, an "ego" a living spiritual being who have travelled from his home to a place where he needs to develop himself from an unconscious spirit-germ to a developed, complete, conscious human spirit. Like the parable of the prodigal son, you need to return home full matured, after you have been through a lot of experiences.

         Spirit therfore, is the Will of GOD, the life-elexir of all creation which, if it to continue to exist, must be permeated by the Divine Will, Man being part-bearer of this Spirit should in becoming self concious, contribute towards the upliftments  and further development of all in creation. To do this however, it is necessary that he should learn to use the powers of Nature aright and make them collectively serve the furtherance of creation. what is said here is only meant as a preliminary explanation. in the nearest future, more detailed articles in which the various species of spirit will be depicted within there own well-defined plains and spheres.

          I wish you know the beauty that You(your spirit man) possessed, the shining light that your are made of, your glory, the love, elegance glowing so brilliantly. Your physical body is not the real you. Your physical body is a cloak, given to you, because without your physical body, you won't be able interact in this physical world. And after sometime, you will leave it behind and move on.

           Please ask questions using the comment box or comment, i will glad respond to them. THANK YOU.