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        In this article, i want to introduce you to creation, i want you to have a glimpse of the picture of creation. For better understanding it is necessary to give a complete picture of all that exists in order to make it easier for the seeker the find it way to the Eternal kingdom of God. The paradise from which he originated in his very first beginning. In the article " THE UNSEEN WORLD " i made classification of two worlds namely; the seen world and the unseen worlds. i said something about the seen world, i given a brief explain of about the unseen worlds as the Beyond. Today am going to be painting pictures of the unseen worlds into your imagination. Please be focus on what am about to discuss. 

           Imagine Divinity as absolutely the highest over all! GOD Himself, as the starting point of all that exists, as the primordial source of Life, is in His absolute perfection, unsubstantiate. Next to God Himself, in His very own unsubstantiality follow the sphere of Divine substantiality. In this originated the first Beings to take on form and shape. To this sphere belong the Divine Beings. The Primordial Queen, The Archangels, The Elders and many more, all belong to this sphere of Divine substantiality. Lucifer also once belong to this sphere too. It might shock you to let you know that non of this Beings can see God in His unstantiated form. He is far too strong to be seen by them, unless He takes on the form that is comformable to Divine substantiality. Just like Christ took  on the human form, when he was on a mission to the gross material world, because it is utterly impossible for Man to see His real form. 

               The Son of God issued from Divine unsubstantiality as part of it and after fulfilling His mission in the world of gross matter, He had to return back to Divine unsubstantialty and became one with the Father.

                Adjoining the sphere of Divine substantiality is the Primordial Creation, the Eternal Kingdom of God. This is outside Divinity. The Primordial Creation? yes the part of Creation closest to Divinity. In this Kingdom i.e the Spiritual substantiality, there is first of all the conscious spiritual substantiality, consisting of the created eternal spiritual beings, who are also called Spirits. These are perfect, ideal forms of all that the human spirits, in their most perfect development, can and should aspire to be. These spirits were never born into the World of Matter and were created by God Himself, as the first primordial spirits, thus coming closest to Him in perfection. They are the once made after His own image! It must not be overlooked that the story of creation expressly states: "After His Image" for they can only be after His image, not after God Himself i.e only after that in which He shows Himself, because only pure Divinity itself is unsubstantiate. 

                 The paradise of spiritual substantiality also contains the unconscious spiritual substantiality which holds the same fundamental component as conscious spiritual substantiality i.e the spirit germ. The germs that have life and strive to develop towards consciousness. The unconscious, however, can only achieve this consciousness through experiencing and this urge towards further development through experiencing finally causes such maturing and ambitious germs of unconscious spiritual substantialty to be expelled or ejected, which ever way you may call it.

                Next order downwards from this Paradise of spiritual substantialiy, comes the sphere of all Animistic substantiality. This sphere is again divided into two parts. There is first conscious animistic substantiality, consisting of the elemental  and nature beings. To this sphere belong the elves, gnomes, nixels etc. The elemental and nature beings had to co-operate creatively in the development  of the World of Matters, just as they still do today. It might surprise you to know that there are beings that are given charge of taking care of what you see in nature, and the elements as well. some of them have been encountered before by humans before, well topic for another day.

                   Secondly, in the sphere of animistic substantiality, there exists unconscious animistic substantiality. From here issued the life of the animal.  It should be noted that the difference between the spiritual sphere and animistic sphere. The spiritual is higher than the animistic. Only that which is spirit bears within it from the very beginning onwards the power to make a free decision and the resulting full responsibility. This is not the case with beings of animistic substantiality.

                    A further result of the process of development was the creation of matter. This is divided in the Ethereal substance and the gross material substance which commencing with the finest nebulae, is visible to the physical eyes. But there is no question of paradise on earth, as the earth is one of the furthest outposts of gross matter.

                    So long in the course of this article, i have tried as much as to paint a picture of creation for you. Now i want you to know that these spheres mentioned above, also contain plains, different plains and regions. For example,  in the gross material world, there are the plains of Fine Gross Matter, Medium Gross Matter. Right now we are in the plain of densiest and coursest Gross Matter.
                      Please take note that creation only begin from the spiritual substantiality i.e the topmost part of creation and that is the home of all spiritual being, due to the fact that human spirits originates from the spiritual substantiality, the human spirit had been given dominion in creation. that is the reason man on earth, though being a late comer to this earth, had been able to subdue it. But with great power comes greater responsibilities