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The conception of trinity as always been a topic debated by so many believers. Alot of so called believers cannot comprehend the concept of Trinity. And most never bother to exert themselve in this conception. Some even believe that it is a sin to enquire more about God! Please, my dear esteemed reader, do not believe religiously, anything thrown at you. Let such concept be scrutinise by you and when the spirit within you decline such a conception, then the conception is wrong. There are certain things that you will be told that defiles logic. There are lots of people out there whose aim is to mislead you and make you take the wrong path. Our Lord Jesus warned us about the end time. 

         When you do not understand a concept, please always endeavor to ask question and do not believe it religiously! The spirit will always discern the truth from false teachings. In most cases, man do not listen to his spirit! If you are spiritually alert, there are lots of dangers that you can avert yourself from. If you earnestly seek the truth, you will surely find it. Become the KNOWING, become enlightened. If your inner man does not accept anything, do not believe it religiously!

         In the scripture, it is said that there is one God! Yes that is true. the question is, how does the concept of trinity came about, if there is only ONE GOD? How does ONE GOD becomes God the Father, God the Son and The Holy Spirit?

           In this article, i want to throw a little light on the ONE TRUE GOD and in the next article, i will explain the TRIUNE GOD.

          The truth is there is only one God! One LIFE! The I AM! The ALPHA AND OMEGA! Behind HIM there is none! Only ONE GOD! HE shares HIS GLORY WITH NONE! HE alone is the source of ALL LIFE both in the Divine and Creation. No creature can see GOd in HIS unsubstantiated form. In most case, we always picture God to be a white beard male spirit sitting in his throne in heaven. I want to make clear to you that God is not a spiritual being like us. HE is far more greater. HE is neither male nor female. HE is the FATHER OF ALL! Both in the Divine and Creation. Without God there is no EXISTENCE! Everything that Exist, vibrates in this ONE Great FATHER OF ALL! Do not let anyone deceive you, there is only ONE GOD!

           Our lord Jesus was very clear on this issue of ONE GOD He said: "The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord thy God is one Lord". This statement is so important that your Existence is dependence on it. Learn from our Lord Jesus, when He prayed, He always direct His prayers to this One true God. He always pray in seclusion and He prayed like a jew. Whatsoever, religion you find yourselve, always direct your worship to the ONE TRUE GOD. You must love your God with all your heart! With all your might! With all your strength! With your life!

            Man can only kill the physical body, but God can destroy both the physical body, the other bodies and the spirit too. HE alone can erase you out of  the BOOK OF LIFE! HE alone must you fear! HE alone must you serve! Your Creator alone deserves your worship, no one else.

             How do you fear and love God with all your heart?  The only way to fear your God is by abiding in Him, by keeping the laws that He has put in place, that pulsate throughout Creation. He gave the jews the Ten Commandments for the benefit of humanity. Our Lord Jesus emphasised is teachings based on these laws, He could not have done otherwise. He is the love of God. In the old testament, the Holy Spirit, the Justice of God was in charge. Justice and Love are inseperable. Wherever there is Justice, you will always find love! So Jesus did not come to do away with the Ten Commandments, and other laws given by the Justice of God. I am not talking about the jewish traditions here, only the Laws from God and not ones from Moses.

             If truly you love your God, you will never use the name of God in vain. If you truly you love unconditionally, you will never murder. If you truly love your neighbour, you will never steal from them. If you love your physical body, you will not engage it in a degrading and ignoble physical activities. Love is all you need in order for you to return back to paradise.  Love for humanity, love for Creation. "Love is all you need" Be the light of this physical world. Let your light shine before all men!

              There is but One God! but One power! But One LIFE! God is ALL. The first commandment is so important that it must be adhered to  with utmost urgency and strictness. It is your duty as a creature to worship and thank your Creator for the opportunity to exist. You should always endeavor to draw close to God, that is an act of humility. You can only know God when you strive to approach HIM and not you expecting God to approach, HIS creature, which is impossible. "THE LORD THY GOD IS ONE".