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INCEST: Definition and type

DEFINITION: According to wikipedia, incest is defined as follows: " Incest is sexual activity between family members or close relatives. This typically includes sexual activity between people in consanguineous relationship and sometimes, those related by affinity such as individuals of same househood,  step relatives, those related by adoption or marriage, or members of the same clan or lineage".  The word is derived from latin word "INCESTUS" {IN +CESTUS}. CESTUS means chaste, otherword, INCESTUS means unchaste, impure, profane. There are different ways in which incest take place in a family settings or between relatives.

             I am going to be giving type of incest based on the assent between the two people involved the incest.

                                TYPE OF INCEST
Consentaneous incest: This is the type of incest in which two people, members of a particular family or relatives willingly engage in sexual activities. In this type of incest, both party consent to it. They could be two teens, One adult and a teen, and two adults. One of them could be seduced, but not forced into having sex with the other person. Consentaneous incests are always secretive. the following are examples of consentaneous incest;

  • Matured siblings
  • Mother- son
  • Uncle- matured niece
  • Step father-matured step daughter 
  • Between cousins
  • Between In-laws
Infact any two family members or relatives who have agreed to take part in sexual activities together.

 Dissentaneous incest: This is the type of incest i will be concentrating on, in my subsequent articles about incest. This is a type of incest in which atleast one of the people involved do not consent or unwillingly give in to the sexual activity going on between them. Now, in the case of incest involving an adult and a chilld or unwilling adolescent, then it is called child/adolescent molestation, or simply, child molestation, because it is utterly impossible for a child whose body is not ready for sexual activity to give consent to a violating adult. And in most countries, such act is against the law. The perpetrator of such act is known as the offender and the other person at the receiving end is dub the victim. Since the victim will never agree to the ply of the offender, then the offender will device a means of luring and having sexual activities with the victim, which i will be explaining later in subsequent incest articles. 

The victim could be an adult, adolescent, or even a child as young as three years old. Some of the method deviced  by offenders in other to lure their victims into having sex with them is as follows: 

  •    Forced sex {e.g rape}
  •    Drugged
  •    Blackmailing
  •    Exposure to adult materials,  incase the victim is a child.
    Like i said previously, i will be concentrating on child/adolescent molestion. I love the definition from the book INCEST AND SEXUALITY,  Quoted as follow: " We define incest as any sexual contact between a child or adolescent and a person who is closely related or perceived to be related including step parents, and live-in partners of parents." I will adopt this definition for the reason of my writing i.e incest involving the molestation of a female child. Most of the report that i had to opportunities to come across,  majority of the victims are female children/ adolescents. The offenders are always older and physically stronger males for example, The fathers,  step fathers, uncles, cousins, step siblings, male in-laws, even grand fathers and male family friends.

          Incest occurs in so many families nowadays, pedophiles are everywhere,  any child is vulnerable, both the male and the female child, though, the female child is badly affected. Engaging a child in sexual activities is like taking away a child from his or her childhood. psychologiclly and physically, a child's body is not prepared for any sexual activities. No child/adolescent will ever willingly give consent give consent to being molested by a selfish adult, especially, the female child, because for the female child/adolescent, sexual activities that involves genital penetration becomes excruciatingly painful. And apart from the pain, it is also accompanies with it, post-traumatic stress disorder, sustaining of injuries, being infected with diseases, unwanted pregnancy, low self esteem etc. 

              Incest cases, a molested female child may wish to disclose this incestuous event that she is experiencing but the fear of being seen as awkward, blamed, and rejected. Especially, when the first person she confided in did not believe in her or showed any positive response in stopping the offender from carry out his dubious act, then the child/adolescent will accept her faith. The child's suffering counld last for as long possible, especially, if the child depend solely on the offender. Effective response is what the child needs. There are situations in which the mother is aware of the girl child being molested but still keeps it a secret or even covers it up to avoid the family from splittng up.The situation can be complicated for the mothers involved, especially, when they are directly dependent on the offender {mostly fathers or step fathers}.But think about child/adolescent who is suffering  physically, emotionall and psychologically. Think about what they will become in the future. Such mother is destroying the life of a child she ought to be nurturing, especially when the offender is unrepentant. 

          Please join hand with me,  together, we can protect these beautiful, adorable, innocent young ones from being violated. There are many monsters {pedophiles} around these days. If YOU, i mean you reading this article right now, comes across any incident of a child/adolescent being sexually abused, please take a positive action to make sure that the abuse is stopped. Let us rise against this menace that is demoralizing our society. Both the offender and the victim need help. 

            In the next article, i am going to write on incestuous family, and the roles of each members in an incestuous family.