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From the past articles, we learnt that Man originated from the unconscious spiritual substantiality, wandering through creation and now found himself on this Gross material world. the long journey was necessary for the development of the spirit-germ. Now being born into this physical world, for interaction, Man needs a physical body i.e that is you are not your physical body. Your physical body is just like a tool that the spirit man needs in order to interact with the physical world, your physical body is a gift to You, You must take care of it. Live a healthy life! Exercise makes the physical body strong and healthier. Do not abuse your physical body. Well, we shall talk more about the physical body later.

              If you STUDY MANKIND, you will find that they fall into different groups. There is one group which lives in the past. That is to say, they begin to understand an event only when it is past! As a result they can neither truly rejoice about something that is happening, nor intuitively perceive its full gravity. Only afterwards do they begin to talk about it, to enthuse about it, or feel regret. And while constantly speaking of the past, they continually overlook present events.

Again,there is another group which lives in the future! They set all there wishes and hopes on the future and thereby forget that the present has so much to offer them. Both  groups to which the majority of men belong, have not, so to speak, really lived on earth at all; they fritter away their precious time.

Please permit me to give you a little hint about "TIME", there are certain conceptions that are totally inconprehensible and inconceivable to Man. For example, man can never understand what "Eternity" is all about, he cannot even imagine it, let alone form a picture about it. "Infinity" "Divinity", there are many more conceptions that Man can never grasp with his intellect no matter how hard he tries. TIME is also one of the conceptions that cannot be grasp by Man. It might shock you  to know that TIME does not change. TIME is eternal, TIME records everything, but itself does not change. What changes is how and where you experience TIME and your experiences are only perculiar to you alone. Your intellect cannot understand what am talking about now, only intuitively can you understand what am talking about. Sometimes, you experience Time fast, sometimes slowly but that does not change the fact that TIME changes not.

Alot of people still do not experience Time at all, they are either lost in the past or they are far gone into the future. Take a little time out to ponder about this TIME issue and you realize that what your reading right now about time is true. Think about an hour ago and this present moment that you are right now, is there any difference? NO! The difference is how and where you experience an hour ago and how and where you are experiencing the present moment that you are right now. Your yesterday was not different from this present moment, just that it is a past experience now. You alone can determine how and where you want to experience your little time on earth. Everything you see, feel, touch, changes in  TIME, And TIME records them all. There is nothing that happened in the past that TIME does not record. even the birth of our planet earth is recorded by TIME. The future  that a lot of people are so engrossed in, will surely come to past, and when it comes, it will surely be like this present moment that you are right now. What matters is how you choose to experience it and benefits from it. The truth is you can neither experience the future nor the past because they do not exist. Only the NOW", The present moment can you really experience. This is how to enjoy life, by always being in the present, experience it, feel the NOW.

It might shock you to know your mind, the intellect hates the NOW. It looses it powers to  it and always out of balance with the NOW. When you are in the NOW,  the spirit takes control of everything. You become stronger spiritually. You will begin to see the beauty in everything you come across. Always strive to be in the NOW, though, it might not be that easy at first but persistency is key here. In the future, i will teach you how to be in the NOW. One of the way to live in the PRESENT is MEDITATION.

There will be those who on hearing the call to live in the PRESENT MOMENT will imagine something entirely wrong. Please living in the PRESENT MOMENT does not mean to live a life in somewhat frivolous life! With this call, i do indeed encourage the full enjoyment of every seconds, minutes, hours, every moment inwardly, then outwardly! Every single hour of the present must became a real experience for a human being, sorrow as well as joy! In all his reflection, his thinking and his intuition he must open to the PRESENT MOMENT and thus, AWAKE! Only in this way can he profit from his life on this earth as it  was meant that he should! Neither in his thougts about the past nor in his dreams of the future can he find real experiencing so strong as to impress his spirit with a stamp which he can take over with him into the beyond as something gained.

 If Man does not live in the PRESENT, he cannot mature spiritually, for maturing depends on experiencing only! If during his life on earth, he has not always experienced the NOW within himself, then he will return empty-handed. He must therefore once more wander through the time he lost, because he was not awake and did not gain anything for himself experiencing!

When Man dies a physical death i.e laying aside his physical body and when he severed from the lifeless body, what does he take with him into the beyond? The earthly knowledge he acquired? NO! his earthly possession? NO! his fame and earthly influences? NO! Though, his works await him, he takes only his experiences with him.

It is right to think of the past in order to learn the lessons it teaches and also to dream of the future to receive encouragement therefrom, but in the PRESENT, one must do nothing but live fully  and consciously.