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"THE KINGDOM GOD" also known as THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN! What do you understand about this kingdom? The Son of God, Jesus, taught about the KINGDOM using parables. Why did Jesus emphasied so greatly on the matters relating to the Kingdom of Heaven? Even to the extent of sending his disciples as apostles to preach about the Kingdom of God. Infact, the purpose of the coming of the lord Jesus christ was based on the Kingdom of God. He taught with parables of  the sower, parable of the hidden treasures, parable of the leaven. 

What do understand by the phrase: THE KINGDOM OF GOD OR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN? In the artcle "DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAN AND ANIMAL" and "INTRODUCTION TO CREATION", I wrote about the origin of man and that of animals. The  human spirit originated from the spiritual realm. At the crown of creation, the spiritual realm is situated. You! as a spirit being, your origin is from the topmost part of creation, from where you journeyed down to this Gross material world. And on the course of your journey, the unconscious spirit spark to a conscious human spirit. But the truth is that majority of the human spirits on earth are fast asleep, indolence of the spirit. Only through your own effort can you work out your salvation for yourself.  Many cannot even pray for themselves without consulting the assistance of a so called man of God. Your church or temple cannot help you in this matter. You alone can help yourself. You seriously need to be awaken! 

The KINGDOM OF GOD, also called THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is the home of the human spirit. It is the paradise. The paradise from which ones the unconscious  spirit spark was evicted, and has the need to return home as a developed and conscious human spirit. Just because The spiritual realm is called THE KINGDOM OF GOD does not mean that it is the abode of THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR. Even The Divine beings cannot  behold the countenance of GOD, not to talk of a Spirit being.

A glimpse of  THE KINGDOM OF GOD was shown to John and he gave account of what he saw in Rev 21:21-27, about the street made of gold. It is so unfortunate that so many will not be able to make it there.

The question is, how can you make it back to paradise? Jesus gave us the answer. The two statements pave the way to paradise. The first and the most important is "Hear O isreal; The Lord Our God Is One Lord". The second is, "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself". This two qoutes are so powerful that you can trace your way back home, if and only if you can put them into practice. make them your daily lifestyle. Make this words your daily experiences. Other prophets like Zoroster, budha, prophet Mohammed (SAW), Moses etc. came with similar message, but they are mostly ignored. 

Before now, you have always pictured the Kingdom of God differently. Mostly christians, always picture heaven as a place in which a powerful being, in an human form, with white bear and hairs, dressed in white robe, sitting on a throne, with his bright lighten countenance. Wrong!!! God does not reside in Spiritual world, Only feel the nearness of God can be felt. The Creator Itself does not reside there.

It is true that there is no night in paradise, no sun, no moon, it is bright naturally, even you, your spirit body is shiny bright. No sorry, no death, no corruption, nothing evil thought can be conceived at all. All is working in accordance with the Promordial laws governing Creation.

The MILLENIUM is another matter entirely, probably in the future, i might delibrate a little about the Millenium.

 Jesus demanded that you seek first the Kingdom of God. 

Love your neighbour the way you will love yourself. Treat others in the same manner you want them to treat you. Learn to be a good giver, because only in giving, can you truly receive. And most important of all, love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul and mind. With all that you possessed.