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Earthly possession refers to the material properties acquired, during your existence here on this Gross material world. Many believe that living in penury equates to living in humility, that a true believer should not acquire much or any possession for himself or herself here on earth. Listen! Living in penury does not make you holier nor does it draws you closer to your Creator. Should you find yourself in a tradition which sees the acquisition of earthly possession as a sin? Then you have to break yourself free from such erroneous believe.

         God in His love and infinite mercy for His creatures in creation, has provided for every creature, what it needs for its existence in creation. So, as it is in the primordial creation, so it is in this subsequent creation that we find ourselves right now. So on your earthly existence, everything that you will ever needed, has been provided for you by your Creator. You are a part of this physical world,  so you will live your life on earth the way the inhabitant of this world lives. You will eat, play, associates with your fellow sojourners on earth in form of families, friends, neighbours, relatives, animals. In addition to you having the right to inhabit this earth, whatever you needed to survive is already provided. Mind you, i said everything you needed, not everything you wanted! It was not in His plan for man to lack whatever he needed in order to aid him throughout is wandering. If only you can have a glimpse of how your spiritual home actually looks like, then you will realise that poverty is strange to spirit beings. The scripture painted a perfect picture of your spiritual home, that the street of the city is made of gold, as if it was a transparent glass, a crystal. John had a glimpse of the Kingdom of God, its glorious and its magnificent beauty that it is endowed with and he was overwhelmed. If the human spirits originates from paradise, where it does not lack anything? Then why is majority of man confortable with poverty on earth?  Lack of knowledge and indolence of the spirit!

             If God could feed and take care of the needs of plants, embracing them with dew in the morning and in due season, He provides them rain. and then top it up with a beautiful sunshine. Can you ever imagine how many animals there are is in the water world in the ocean? Both big and small animals? Guess who cares for them!  Then how much more you, who is a spiritual being, who originates from the crown of creation, who has been given dominion to take charge of creation. You are a more responsible and a higher being. You are much more valuable in this creation than the animals and plants. Poverty was not among God's plans for man. Poverty is as a result of man's fault, not God.

               Jesus Christ did not live in abject poverty as so many believers argued him to be. Just because He was laid in a feeding trough, does not mean Joseph and Mary was poor. It was time for Mary to deliver a baby and because there was no room for them in the inn, she gave birth when they went to Joseph's homeland, in Judaea, bethlehem. being a carpenter in those days, you are either a first class or a second class citizen. There is no where in the scripture where Christ was lacking. I had experienced and witness a lady giving birth in a public bus, it doesn't mean that she was that poor that she could not afford to gave birth in the hospital, but the time of delivery just came and she had no choice but to be delivered in that public bus with a bouncing baby girl. So just because at birth, Christ was wrapped in a swaddling clothes and laid in a feeding trough because there was no space  for them, does not mean they were living in penury. Study the scripture for yourself and you will discover that men who truly devoted their earthly life to doing the Will of God, does not live in poverty. So i beg you not to be an ignoramus in this issue.

            Majority of humanity are living under the poverty level and man is the cause alone. Intellectual dominance is accompanied with its evils in different categories. Selfishness, greed and being obsessed with earthly possessions is the main cause of poverty. We live in a world where everyone thinks about himself or herself alone. "Me or nobody else", we wants everything to be at our grasp at the expense of others who are also worthy of such things. Man himself is the architect of his suffering on earth, not God. God himself does not interfere with the affairs of man. But he has put in place His Will, Man being part of creation must abide by His Will. The Will of God is the HOLY SPIRIT. You cannot go against the Will of God without redeeming yourself from your guilt. Our lord Jesus Christ explained this in the scripture but many found it difficult to comprehend even till date(Matthew 12:31-32). Well that is not the topic, i donot want to digress from today's topic.

             Lets take an individual as an example. An individual can be the cause of his poor standard of living during his existence on earth. Probably the person in this life or the past, s/he was hostile, wicked, oppressed the poor, while he was rich. So according to the law of reciprocal action, the person in question must reap what s/he has sown.He must be redeemed of this guilt that s/he has burden him or herself with. He will have to experience  poverty, so that he can learn and free him or herself from such guilt.  When the person has reached a stage in his experiencing and inwardly s/he truly repents and uses his or her volition for what is good, and noble , only then can s/he redeem himself of the guilt. i will write about repentance later. So, please be careful how you treat others, especially the needy, orphan and the desolated. Do not oppress or despise any, because the measure with which you measured will be measured back at you in multiple folds. Think twice before you take any action, if others will get hurt, do not do it.

                Religions has not help matter in this aspect at all. Some religions believe that it is a taboo to be rich. That being poor make it easier to gain access to heaven. That is a wrong conception. And so many grew with such mentality. Am not instigating that religions should preach only prosperity sermon either. The truth is, Jesus Christ was not poor as believers stipulated him to be. God, the giver of all, gave you all you will ever needed to sustain you. So acquiring possessions is not wrong or bad, but rather, it will help you to advance spiritually. Remember, the body and the soul must be in good condition, in order for the spirit to be in a state of elation in creation and perform it responsibility in it. When your physical body is undergoing some kind of  physical pressure, it will not be in harmonious with your soul. And the spirit needs the physical body to operate in this physical world. The body needs maintainance, the neccessary things it needs is air, food, water, shelter, care,and love. If man was able to regulate the amount of air that can be consumed by breathing? we would have been paying air bills by now,Lol!!! Most of these things of necessity that man needs on earth, due to civilisation and modernisation, are not free. You need money to get them. Do not let anyone discourage that money is not important. Actually, it is important. As long as you exist in this Gross material world, you will need money, to survive.

                 There is a saying, "Money makes the world go round". there is an element of truth in that statement. The basic things you need on earth are bought, they donot just fall from the sky for you to use. The role of money cannot be over emphasised, but the pursuit of money should not be your top priority in your existence here on earth. You should treat money as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Do not be obsess with money. Money itself is not evil, but the love of money is. Just like every other kind of evil, if you can control your intellect, then you will be able to deal with the love of money or wealth. Your intellect is a tool that you should make use of on this earth and not the other way round. 

                 Your physical activities and spiritual activities on this Gross material world must be counterweighted. In as much as you need to improve on your physical standard of living? Do not forget that you are a spiritual being,  your main goal on earth is to develop yourself spiritually and return home. The Vanity now is that everything physical thing that you acquire for yourself will not be taken with you when your physical body is laid to rest. You will discover that even the air you breath, you do not need it anymore. You take nothing with you. Everything remains here, while you move on with your astral body to face what you have prepared for yourself.  Possessions are not the ultimate goal, but only an earthly means with which you sustain yourself here on earth. Do not live a wastful life, there are those who need just a liitle of that thing you waste.

              Becareful in your dealings with others when it comes to the issue of money or any material possessions, the intellect can be very cunning and mischievious. The love of money can bring out the beast in an individual controlled by his or her intellect.

               "That he should cling" to earthly possession only means that man should not allow himself to go as far as to make their accumulation the main objective of his life on earth and thus "cling" mainly to this one idea! such an attitude is naturally bound to distract him from higher aims, and for which he will have no time left. Donot wear yourself out out in order to gain wealth. Let go off the love of wealth. While you are content with the present possessions, opportunities will always come at its own time. Make money but donot make it your topmost priority on your present existence. Donot lay for yourself treasure here on earth where thieves will break in and steal or where it will gather dust, but you need to set your sight on higher goals, the treasures that never rust, the spiritual home of the human spirits.

                Therefore, all you true believers, do not despise worldly possessions, which could also have only been created through the Will of God,  whom you seek to honour! But do not let the confort which such earthly possesssionscan afford lull you to sleep, but make sound use of them!