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''By their works ye shall know them'' the saying of Christ, what does it mean? how do u understand this words? you must have heard/read the saying so many times without taking your time to reflect or ponder about this words. Just like Christ's every other words, they are always treated with blatant negligent. The words of our Lord Jesus christ alone is all you need in this your earth life, to give you the accent that you need in other for you to return back to your origin, your home, the spiritual paradise. Because you are a spiritual being. you are a spirit.

             Now, lets go back to the quotes;''By their  works ye shall know them" by their works means by their activities, here on earth, your earth life styles i.e your deeds, which also includes your actions, your speech is action, the effect of which you have hitherto underestimated. even your thoughts are included here.
             Man (humanity) needs to find its way back home and the very first step he should take is the purification of his thoughts. Man has the habit of saying thoughts are "free" which is a very wrong conception. So now i want to use this opportunity to lay it across to you reading this article that you will be held responsible/ accountable for every thought form that you have sent out into the world of matter. So am using this medium to enlightening you to be careful with your thoughts. For thoughts too belong to the world of Gross matter, and must in all circumstances must be redeemed in it before a spirit becomes capable of swinging itself freely upward, once it has severed the connection with its earthly body.

             Therefore, seek at all times to swing even with your thoughts in such a way that you desire only what is noble, uplifting, pure and do not lower yourself because you imagine that nobody can see or hear it. Thoughts, words, and the visible deeds all belong to the Realm of Gross Matter in the creation. I know by now, you might be asking yourself , what do i mean by Realm of Gross Matter, but i promise you that, that is a topic for another day. But for now just know that there are three main planes in the realm of Gross Matter namely; The world of Fine Gross Matter, The world of Medium Gross Matter and The densiest Gross Matter. You and i are currently in the densiest Gross Matetial world which is the physical world that you and can see with our physical eyes and feel(experience) with our physical senses.

                           Thoughts operates in the world of Fine Gross Matter.

                            Words operates in the world of Medium Gross Matter.  

                            Deeds operates in the world of  Densiest Gross Matter          
                   But the form of these three activities are closely connected with each other and their effects  are interwoven. Think yourself deeply into this issue in which i have layed before you. You will notice that by keeping your thoughts pure all the time, you will bring peace and hapiness to yourself. And to your environment close or far.

                     Your thoughts are the messangers you send forth, which returns heavyly laden with similar thought-form, good or evil as the case may be. Remember that your thoughts are realities( just like your dreams) that shapes themselves spiritually, often become forms outliving the earth life of your body. Thus,it rightly said "for their works will pursue them!" thoughts-creation  are works which will one day awaits you! which forms light or dark rings around you.

                       Therefore, you must take the first step in everything, it lies solely in your volition, which expresses itself in your thoghts. Thus you carry heaven and hell within you.  You are free to decide, but you are then irrevocably subjected to the consequences of your thoughts, your volition!

                         Please keep in touch with this blogg, as am going to be taking you to the great journey of knowledge. have a blessed day.