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"Gifted" is what every human being is endowed with. Your gift always manifest itself in what thing you are very passionate about. It could be a profession, an artistic or inartistic activities. It could be that your passion is to render services, or trading of commodities. As a human being, you have been endowed with a gift, with which you will be able to establish yourself here on this Gross Material World. Now, it is your duty to discover for yourself what you are gifted with. It is possible for one person to be gifted in many ways. So, should i say "discover your gifts"?

      Just like i said in one of my previous article, that you need to look inwardly, and allow the real you to take over.The Spirit is the real you, this your physical body that you can touch is just a tool with which to interact in this physical world. Immediately the intellect is subdued, the Spirit takes control. The Spirit man knows what it wants, He knows the direction to take. Your Spirit man will tell you what to do, then a passion will arises within you. It could be to solve a problem that has been bothering your fellow man on earth. The passion will always be for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Put your passion into a physical activities, and be consistent and persistent in such an activity. use your intellect in your daily activities and not the intellect controlling you. If you develop in you a passion, and you discover that when it is put into a physical activities, people will get hurt, Please, i beg you, refrain from such activities, it is not of benefit to humanity, such passions are not from from the Spirit. That is your intellect influenced by darkness.

           For some, their gift can be exhibited without training and developing it. while others might need to nurture and develop your gift. But firstly, you must be passionate about that thing you want to nurture and develop. Your gift will always open doors for you and it can also become a means to an end. Do not follow what is trending, Just because some made it there, does not mean everyone should follow in that direction, thereby leaving behind your own inward urge towards your own direction. You are suppose to experience this physical world your own way. Not like someone else. your experiencing is unique and beneficial to you and you alone. You must not try to be like others but yourself. If your passion is farming, trust me, you will be sucessful in that area if you are determine. afterall, there are farmers that are more successful than some doctors. being successful is not all about money.

              Nowadays, majority of humanity has allowed their intellect to take the front lead. Thereby, not giving the Spirit man the free will to operates. Majority of man today, slumbers spiritually. Whatever gift you possess, create a value for it. You could also be endowed with virtuous gifts such Leadership, being courageous etc. In most cases, virtuous giftd can be developed by individuals. 

          Parents please do not impose any profession contrary to the will of your child. Let the Spirit man in them finds its way through its existence here on earth.

           Now, there are individuals with special gifts. This chosen individuals have the abilities to do things that others, ordinarily, cannot do. This individuals have been specially gifted for the benefit of humanity. For one individual, it could be the gift of clairvoyance. For another, the gift of healing. Another, telepathy. Yet another, prophesy and many more, like premonition, dream interpretation, extreme courageousness etc. Some are endowed with special gifts but are not aware of it. These individuals with special gifts are few and scattered all over every race, religion, regions etc. They are specially gifted, but they are human beings like any other human being, so they are not to be adored nor worshipped. They are nowhere near the Messengers that were sent by the Creator. these Messengers are the prophets. Examples are Lord Jesus Christ, Gautama Budda {born as Prince siddhartha}, Zoroaster and the last but not the least of all the Messengers is Prophet Mohammed{SAW}. The Prophets came with messages that can liberate humanity from darkness to the luminous light, your Spiritual home, if only you can yield yourself to their teaching and the messages that they came with. I do not intend writing about the Messengers in this article.

           Just because these few individuals are endowed with a special gift, people always expect them to place these gifts at their disposal free of cost. These specially gifted persons however, should themselves first learn to master this gift, then set a value on these gifts, so that they do not continually cast pearls before swine!

            Everyone is gifted! Each and every person is endowed with a gift or two. Be it an intellectual, virtuous or a special gift. Your gift will uplift you spiritually, when you use it to the benefit of humanity. Let the Will of God prevail in your life, then your gift will find its way to become recognised. Just look deep inside of you, there is a unique gift deposited inside you. Look deep and discover for yourself what you are gifted with. "A man's gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men{Proverb 18:16}.

            Majority are intellectually gifted, only few are specially gifted. Let people'life be touch with your gift, even if they are to pay for such services. 



Your thoughts! In your leisure, when you have loose grip of the outer hold on life, what do you always think about? Whay are your dominant thoughts? When you are quiet and alone, what do you nomally catch yourself thinking about? You will be amaze at what you will discover when you study your thought pattern. Look around you, i wish you can gain access to the thoughts of people around you, you will realise how inferior the thinking of man is. The words that man utters show their thought pattern,  even their actions tell alot about their kind of thinking too. I am directing this question to you reading this article right now, "What dominates  your thinking most of the time"? Does your thinking add beauty to this beautiful world of Gross material or it turns it into a ugly place?

        In the spiritual world, thoughts are deeds i.e if you had a thought, the deeds had been done already too. thought is same as deed over there because of the proximity of that sphere to God. You cannot say the same of this Gross material world because of its proximity to God and it is denser. In this Gross material world, when the spirit wills, it will take the physical body sometimes to express it into a physical activities. The truth is, many are controlled by the intellect and not the spirit. THE SPIRIT IS WILLING BUT THE PHYSICAL BODY IS WEAK! Remember, in my past article, i talked about the spirit being the life force of every human being on earth. It is the spirit that you have to let take over in the course of your existence on earth. Know who you are, and you will realise that you more powerful than you can imagine. Know that you are a spiritual being and must be in charge of creation, you have dominion. It is sad that man has allowed the intellect to become master over their life on earth. Instead of using the intellect as a tool that it was meant to be. The intellect has become so powerful that anything spiritual has become strange to man.

         If you will observe friends, relatives, neighbours very closely, you will sense with disgust the emptiness of their thoughts and narrow sphere of their interests, as well as their terrible superficiality. By your "thoughts", i mean your volitions, decisions, will, desires, choices etc.

          Your thoughts are very importance in this World of Gross matter and the ethereal world than you can ever imagine. Your thoughts are very influencial in this physical world that you live. Your thoughts can bring peace and harmony to this world or they could bring tumoil, depending what you want to use your thoughts for. The truth is, very few people, in their leisure,  whose words and thoughts are penetrated by a longing for a greater development of their souls. They always appear as a solitary strangers in the midst of majority's thinking that is so debased. Envy, hate, evil thoughts dominates the thoughts of man today. You will be filled with sadness to realise that many people are not very much different from animals with their pattern of thinking. They go through life on earth as if with blinkers, never seeing more than one aspect i.e what is purely material. 

        Life on earth with its pleasures and joy, only get its real meaning when one has become more or less familiar with the Ethereal World and know about the law of reciprocal action connecting us to the Ethereal World, for then one no longer has the feeling of being at the mercy of chance. God does not directly interfer into the affairs of man, God has put in place laws in creation, that every living creatures must abide by this laws. The law of reciprocal action is one of the primordial laws pulsating through the entire creation. 

         The law of reciprocal action is a primordial law which is adamant and inexorable in its activities, it never fails in its activities not for once. Just like the law of gravity which is a primordial law too. Mind you, law of gravity does not only hold in this Gross Material World alone, but it also pulsate through the Ethereal World and even to the Spiritual World, the same with the law of reciprocal action. Remember, the primordial laws are all forces, forces that man can never know how it came into existence. But nevertheless, man must feel the effect of these laws whether he likes it or not. Man on earth can never comprehend the full activities of each of these laws. 

         Law of reciprocal action in this physical world can be expressed as follows: "Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap". Some call it "Karma". Still yet, some call it  "What goes around, comes around". Which ever you may wish to express this law does not really matter, the main thing is to strive to understand the workings of this law. Understanding this law alone, can bring you happiness and joy immeasurable. But when man goes against this law, he must inevitably bear the consequence of his own doing. 

         Life on earth only gets real value through striving upward and then a delightful, vital warmth also pulsates through all earthly joy and pleasure. Those who yearn for and earnestly seek what is pure and high will as a beautiful result of reciprocal action, attain an ardent love of life, often ending in jubilant enthusiasm for all that exists and is proffered.

         Nothing is dead! Nothing is void as it would appear! Everything is working and weaving in reciprocal action, in the centre of which you stand, as man continually forming and directing the threads, being both the starting point and the final goal. Mighty rulers are you! Each one of you is establishing hid own own kingdom in such a way that it will either uplift you or bury you beneath its ruin. Use the power given to you in the full knowledge of this mighty happening, lest in your ignorance or even in your indolence, you bring forth only harmful deformities which choke all that is healthy and good and finally cause you as their author another to totter and fall. The closest ethereal sorrounding can contribute much to uplift or debase him. This closest Ethereal region which is close to this Gross Material World is the region where thoughts-forms are redefined.

          Lets take the thought-forms produced by man as a threads. All threads produced by man penetrates this World of Gross Material and further up into the Ethereal World, like a gigantic network of veins or nerve-strands, all is intertwined and interwoven, untearable and inseperable. Every thought thought is generated, like everything in the Ethereal World, immediately takes a form which embodies and expresses the essential meaning of that thought. This forms are something real, something living. Now, as threads which you produce penetrates through the Ethereal World, it takes form and in accordance with the law of Attraction of homogeneous species, the thread is attracted to what is homogeneous in this world of thoght-forms or as attracted by them, depending on the strength it possesses.

        Just as a thought when it arises is simultaneously perceived intuitively, with greater or lesser intensity, so its Ethereal form will bear an equivalent life. The World of thoughts is densely populated. Through the mutual power of attraction, complete centres have been formed which by means of their accumulated energy, exercise a great influence upon human beings. Each person is influenced by the similar nature in which s/he tends toward to. If your volitions are evil, you are bound to be influenced by darkness. such persons will also be attracted to people of similar nature within themselves. You will be strengthened in your corresponding will, and encouraged to produced new and similar forms which working in the same manner, enter the World of thought-forms. As long as the propensity to do evil still lingers within you, you can be bothered by this influences and gradually attract to you what is unfavorable to you. Those protected are those who possess other tendencies in greater strength, making a connect with what is dissimilar impossible. Always allow yourself to be influence Light.

          But its a pity, man has brought darkness upon himself. It is unfortunate that man only allow negative thoughts to dominates his thinking. Hate, envy, jealousy, lustfulness, avarice and all other evil thoughts which through their greater numbers of adherents, form  the strongest power centres in the world of thought-forms. Far less great are those of purity and love! Man alone brought darkness upon himself. Man himself caused evil to spread with such uncanny rapidity. These dark power centres of thought-forms in turn obtain a connection with analogous spheres of darkness, from there they are specially roused to ever greater activities, so that as a consequence they are able to create downright devastation among mankind. 

         I am using this medium to plead with you, to always allow your volition to alighn with what is good and uplifting to mankind. Sow what is good and you will be reaping what is good in the future. Let your thoughts be of pure love, so that similar strong centres will develop themselves in the world of thought-forms, which can be reinforced from the more luminious spheres and thus not only strengthen those striving towards what is good, but also slowly working on darker minds with gradually purifying effect!

       Remember, through the Living Creative power in you, your thoughts are given form, penetrates through Ethereal World and they are alive, attracting and being attracted. Like a thread, it keeps on moving and becoming heavy laden by other similar thought-forms and finally, it returns back to you according to the Law of reciprocal action. You are the architect of your existence here on earth. Be conscious of this immeasurable responsibility, through your will, your volition, you can poison this physical world or purify and uplift this physical World towards the luminious light.