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From the articles "WHO AM I", and "THE ARRIVAL OF MAN ON EARTH", i wrote about the origin of man , as a spirit-germ who has journey downward through creation. This is not the first time you have existed on this earth. you have been here several times. You might have been on earth in your past earth life as a dark skin person or light skin person. You could have been  rich or poor, disabled or able bodied. That does not matter now. What matters now is your present existence on earth. But, while your here, try as much as possible to develop yourself spiritually. But you cannot develop yourself spiritually, without your physical body being in good health. The spirit, the soul and the physical body must be in good health in order for them to relate harmoniously. Your body is a gift, you must take care of.

        Man on earth is more of a visitor here on earth, he is to stay for the main time and then return back into the unseen world, the beyond. The beyond is quite different from what you have been hearing from your religious teachings. Man cannot just lay down his physical body and expect to see God and rest in his bossom which is a popular saying. even in your most developed form spiritually, you cannot see God in His unsubstantiate form. The boundary of the human spirit is the Spiritual realm, he cannot enter into the Divine realm.

         In this article, i want to compare man as a cell in the human body.  His responsibilties as an individual in creation and as a human being on earth. Every human spirit here on earth has a physical body enthrusted to it. Except for those souls who has been earthbounded. All humans are from the same origin, irrespective of what position you attain here on earth. I want to use the analogy of a human body to explain the importance of every human being on earth. Before i make any comparison, i need to highlight some biological terms. Do not worry, i will make it a little simple for you to grasp, incase your not a science person. But incase you already know much, just skip the next paragraphs and move to the 9th paragraph.

           Cells are smallest unit of life, they serves as building blocks and functional units of life. the study of cells is known as cell biology. An organism with only one cell is called unicellular organism and the one with more than one cell is a multicellular organism. Man is a multicellular organism, likewise all animals and plant that you can see without the use of microscope. The human body contains trillions of cells, each with a special purpose of existing. cells are in different sizes, but each of them has a specific function they partake in. Example of cells are the muscle cells, fat cells, nerve cells e.t.c

             Now, when cells emsembles themselves together in order to carry out a specific function and purpose, the colony that is formed is called Tissue. Each cell must take part in the development of a tissue. The study of tissue is known as Histology. Examples are the connective tissue, muscle tissues e.t.c The cell in one tissue can be slightly different structurally from cells in another kind of tissue for example, the cell in a muscular tissues has  the ability to stretch and contract depending on the conditions surrounding it, while the cells in other tissues might not have such feature. The functions of tissues in the body are so numerous that i can only list but a few. Tissues help the body in absorbing water and nutrients, they help in the elimination of waste product from the body, they also take part in the transportation of fluids and other substances in the body.

            Tissues in turn ensembles together to form an organ. each organ in the body, with different size and shapes in the body perform a specific functions. this collective tissues must work together harmoniously, if an organ is to be in good health. The brain is the most  complex of all the organs in the body. 

            The working together of all the organs in the organs in the body, with their different purposes, forms the organ system or simply called body system. Example of a body system is the nervous system which comprises of the muscles, nerves, brain e.t.c The muscular system enables body movement.

              Lastly, these systems, working together to form a complete whole organism. many parts make up a whole organism. As you observe the body closely, you will notice that it is made up of parts within parts. A replica of creation as a whole. The little occurence that you can observe in this physical world is just a replica of bigger occurence in creation. Another example, can you identify the similarities between our solar system and the revolutions of electrons round the nucleus of an atom?

          Now, i want to make the comparison of the responsibilities of man in creation and that of a cell in the body system. The first thing you need to know is that every human being is an individual. we are to experience ourselves individually, but we are a part of a whole. There is a bond that connects all humans as one. So the individual being can be imagined as a cell in the body. An individual cell can exist on its own such the amoeba, paramecium e.t.c most cells in the human body system needs to associate with other cells close to it in order for it to function well and survive. The human society is built in such a way that you need your fellow humans in order to survive. Every cell is as important as every other cell in the body system irrespective of its specific function.  The same way you are of utmost important in creation, especially, this subsequent creation.

            Now, lets imagine a cell in a tissue as you in your family, relatives, friends, neighbours,  village, province, your street, your immediate vicinity. You cannot overemphasize the important role your family had played in your existence on earth right from the day you were born till now. You have to be grateful for your earthly family into which you were born. Honor your parent because of the love they have bestowed upon you. You do not have to be biologically descended from them before he or she becomes your parent. It is good to participate in activities that will uplift  that your immediate environment. Your contributions matters alot in their little ways. A tissue comprises of colony of cells and must survive by the contribution of each cell in that colony. I want you to know that you influence your surroundings and the people around you one way or the other with your thoughts, words and deeds. Mostly your thoughts, we will talk about your thoughts probably in the nearest future.

                The organs can be liken to the larger society, the town, city, a country. Do not discriminate, no matter what part of the country you are from. Do not allow any form of disunity arise  between two or more people. always strive to bring peace between you and others. Remember, everybody is your neighbour as long as he/she is a co- sojourner on earth.

                Lets take the organism as a whole as the creation. you being a creature in this part of creation has a responsibilities to uphold this subsequent creation by the living creative power that you as a spirit have been endowed with. hmmmm responsibilities!! That is a topic on it own. But i will give you a little hints here. In creation, their is only one power streaming through it. There is not such thing good powers and evil powers. There is only one power and that one power only originates from God. Man has been given the ability to direct this Divine power in the direction he  wishes. according to the volition of man, i.e the will of Man, he can direct this power for the good of mankind, and to further the development of this subsequent creation or use it to destroy what he is suppose to build. You can decide to use your thoughts, words and deeds to make this earth a better place or destroy it. But which ever decision you take, remember the Law of Reciprocal action.

               Do not mind your physical appearance, you are just like your fellow humans spiritually. you are not different from your neighbours spiritually.  Man should forget about his skin colours and focus on how to uplift himself. Treat others as you will have them treat you. Avoid creating disunity wiithin yourself. Each one works for everyone and everyone works for each one. Just like each cell has a role to play in the seemed mighty organism, so are your importance in creation. Especially, this subsequent creation. use your imaginations to fight darkness and use your deeds too. let your words uplift people around you instead of bringing them down. Let love lives inside you, love for your fellow humans, love for nature, love for your God.

              Now, if what you desire is to use the power for evil, then you will be creating an imbalance in creation. If a cell, tissue, organ or a system refuse to function properly, then it will cause the whole organism a grievous pain. what  will happen is that the body of the organism needs the infected part to heal itself, if not, then it has to be eliminated. The same with those whose propensity is to do evil.