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What do you understand by the word "Purity"? Majority will still attribute purity to this physical world. The truth is, man has lost the true meaning of the word "Purity". Some believe that when the physical body is washed, then s/he is pure. Another set believes that physical virginity is purity. There are so many believes surrounding the word "Purity". Some even still believe that fasting makes them pure. All these believes are still somehow earthly, it proves completely the inferior way of thinking of those who subordinated themseves to the intellect, which has itself set the limits to everything earthly. Because it cannot reach any further, with its faculties that are born earthly.

             Before i talk about purity, let me throw a little light on virginity. Being a virgin means being untouched, undefiled or not yet involved in sexual activities. It is good for every underage to be protected from sexual activities, because there is a kind of a protective covering keeping them safe from external influences. there body needs to develop to certain stage of maturity before this protective covering will be removed. untouched children are protected from influences from the ethereal world. Dark influential negative energies cannot reach them because of this covering. Now, this protective covering will remain with them till when the physical body is matured enough and the spirit becomes fully aware of its surroundings. Then the spirit that is not allowed to slumber by the intellect, will always find its path in life. So parents, please keep your children from early exposure to any sexual activities, because if this covering is being removed too early, it brings alot of influences along with it. It could be evil influences from the ethereal world! Teach the children about their physical body, be their best friend, let them be free to talk to you about anything. Tell them stories, let them learn from your mistakes or other people's mistakes. So parents, do not allow your children to be open to dark influences from the ethereal world, before the spirit takes control of your child's matured physical body. Your children are souls that has been put under your care by nature. Watch over them until the are old enough to make decision and become responsible.

            I want you to know that being a virgin does not implies that you are pure. You can be a virgin, but if your thoughts, deeds and words speak evil of you, then you are not pure or better still, your not a chaste. A non virgin can be a chaste, while a virgin might not be a chaste. 

        I want to use this opportunity to talk more about purity and chastity. "Purity is Divine", only the beings in the Divine realm can attain purity. The fact that man originated from the spiritual realm, implies that man cannot attain a state of purity here on earth with his physical body. The conception of purity cannot be grasp by man on earth. Now, the spiritual representation of the Divine purity is chastity. Just like Purity, man has also lost the true meaning of chastity too. Man can only attain a state of chastity and not purity. Only Dinvine beings can attain purity, not spirits. So most times in this blog when i ask you to always  keep your thoughts pure, i am actually teaching you how to practice chastity. Chastity is different from man's idea of it, its far more comprehensive than just abstaining oneself from sexual activities. Since  we as human beings can only practice chastity, then i guess i should just use the word "Chastity" in place of "Purity" in this article. And donot worry, i know why i titled the article "PURITY".

            To practice chastity, it should suffice as a fundamental law for every maturing human spirit. In the Divine realm, purity is closely united with love!  In the spiritual realm, chastity and love are close united too! So for you to attain chastity on this gross material world i.e this physical world, you should not try to seperate it from love! 

          You cannot clean your physical body, and expect that you are practicing chastity, if you are inwardly dirty, then its of no use cleaning your physical body alone. You cannot wash the outter part of a cup, while the inner part is dirty, such cup is not worthy of use in serving a drinking water. the first you have to do is to clean the inside of that cup first, then every other thing follows. Just like i always say, keep your the thought of your hearth pure, always renew your mind with what is noble and clean. Meditate on the scriptures or whatsoever book is it that you believe is noble. please, am not talking about occult books. Keep yourself from filthy environments like a sexually incited places, so that you do not become contaminated ethereally, free yourself from all negative thought forms. Keep your inner garment clean and your physical garment will become clean automatically.
      Chastity lies in the Will Of God, so it does not demands that man should go against nature; that would be an offense against the laws vibrating in creation and could only result in harmful effects.

         Charity can help clean your inner garments, clear you off your numerous guilt that you have burden yourself with. Your thoughts will become pure when you become a chaste. Always endeavor to love, respect and serve others around you. Rejoice with with someone who is happy. Learn to pray for your loved ones, friends, neighbours, leaders, and even to those you think hates you. You do not have to know someone before you are good to that person, s/he does not have to be same tribe or race with you, so stop tribalism and racism. Let people know you for what is good and noble. Your love for people must be equal and unconditional. If you really want to know what true love on earth is, study a mother-child love. 

             For man today, selfisness, hatred, backbiting, lusts and many more lead the way. Man cannot do anything, anymore without thinking about himself first. If there is no material gain, he would not serve.

               Do you know that every religion preaches love? Every religion preaches chastity? then why are there so much evil in our society? The truth is, even the religious bodies are not spared from intellectual dominance. There is much evil because man has totally submitted to the rule of the intellect. He has allow the intellect to  take control of his every activities. The intellect cannot truly love. Love is strange to it, likewise chastity.

                Remember, you are a stranger in the Gross material world. You are here to uplift this subsequent creation. You are here to become a fully grown, developed human spirit being. Think of your stay here on earth as a school, you are in school to learn, to become educated, to improve on yourself and if you do not do well in a particular examination, an opportunity will be given to you to resit for such an examinaton again. Hence, an opportunity for everyone to graduate. The truth is that you have been on this earth before, your existence on earth right now is not the first, but it can be your last if you study well and pass your examination i.e living in accordance with the Will of your Creator. Love and chastity are in accordance with the WILL OF GOD.

                Always strive to attain chastity.  You might be asking, "How do i become a chaste"? If you want to be a chaste, then endeavor to practice the following; "He who in his actions always remembers not to harm his fellow-man who reposes trust in him, not to do anything that may later oppress him, will always act in such a way as to remain spiritually unburdened, and may therefore be called truly chaste!". Our Lord Jesus Christ was simply saying the same with the statement; "Love thy neighbour as thyself". These words look simple, but they carry enormous power in them. These simple words, rightly understood, can fully protect and guide man through the entire creation and lead the human spirit back to the luminous garden. The spiritual realm. The home of the human spirits. These words are  the key to rightful activities here on earth, for you to be a genuine chaste, you must practice this words. But you must beware of falling back into the old human faults, and of once more construing and partly distorting the meaning of these powerful words of our Lord Jesus Christ, so as to make them suit your own purpose and soothe you in your own doing. Absorb these words as they are truly meant to be absorbed, not as it appear convenient to you and suit your stubborn voliton. Only then  will this words  be like the keenest sword in your hand, with which you can slay all Darkness if you but will it. Let these words become alive within you in the right way so that, filled with gratitude, you can grasp life on earth as a jubilant victor!