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The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasised in the life of man. Prayer is so important that, our Lord Jesus had to teach us how to ...



Prayer! If i may ask, what do you understand by the word "Prayer"? Different people reads different meaning to the word. Majority see prayer as a means to make their request known to God. Some see prayer as a means of sipritual warfare. While some only pray when they are passing through hard periods in their life. I have heard people praying for their enemies to die, which is a very wrong conception on their own part. you do not pray for your enemies to die, that is if really you have one, rather, bless them. such prayers can not even reach the ceiling of the room.

             Man must learn the real meaning of prayer, else he will continue to pray amiss. When you find out that meaning, you will find out what really counts is not what you are, but what you may become. Then you will begin to pray an effective prayer. Despite a general misunderstanding as to the real meaning of prayer, no intelligent person will deny its value in any progressive plan of life.

              In the article "LET THE THOUGHT OF THOU HEART BE PURE", i talked about the necessity of keeping your thoughts pure. That  is the only way in which you can live a happy life on earth and thereafter you are severed from your physical body. Your thoughts are as important as your deeds and words. Prayer is more of a person sending out thought-forms. The main purpose of prayer will become effective through reciprocal action.

              Let me use this opportunity to talk about the effect of prayer on your  physical body.  Prayer enlivens the inner man, i.e The spirit, by stimulating constructive excitation of the human emotions. Prayer brings about balance between the intuitive perception and the intellect, thereby, having a stabilizing effect upon the human organism. Prayer subdues the turbulence of the intellectual conflicts within and effects a state of harmony in the entire consciousness. This peaceful and harmonious state of mind will result in a healthier condition of the body. The influence of prayer could result in terms of increased physical buoyancy, greater intellectual vigor, moral stamina and a deeper understanding of realities underlying human relationships. A genuine prayer always bring calmness, strength, recovery, plans suddenly arising in the mind, the solution to difficult problems etc. Something good will always come of it, be it only increased composure and some way out of that difficulty. Prayer does not necessarily involves uttering of words, it is more like a kind of meditation, sending out positive and constructive thoughts which become effective through reciprocal action. The heart, as the pump of life in the physical body, beats more quickly in response to the greatness of good. The heart is virtually "lifted" with prayer.

              I do not want to talk about principal roles the laws of creation that make prayers effective such as the law of attraction of homogeneous species and law of reciprocal action plays and the ethereal happenings of the thoughts sent out during prayers. But should you want to know more? please  seek the Grail message. I do not want to confuse you here.

              For you to pray, there must be an inner urge to pray, if not, then do not even bother to pray, because your wolds or thoughts will dissolve into nothing. For you to pray, you must feel the urge to pray. If prayer is not felt deeply within you through and through, it has no value and therfore will have no effect. The best foundation for a prayer which may be expected to have effect lies in those moments of spontaneous thankfulness rising out of great happiness or of deepest pain resulting from heartfelt grief. In such moments a person is filled with one particular intuitive perception which dominates all else. Thus, enabling the main wish of the prayer. And when you want to pray, always try to be alone,  and in a quiet place. Pray in quietness and purity, so that the power of the intuitive perception will be increased through purity that luminous lightness which will enable the prayer to be carred upward to the heights of all that is light and pure. By pure, i mean purification of your thoughts,  because when you always strive to think what is noble, and good, it will always reflects in your choice of words. However, your posture during prayer does not matter at all.

              As soon as the urge to pray becomes alive within you, you can achieve purity in prayer. It does not matter which religous denomination you belong, you can attain purity and your prayer receiving the required attention that it needs. The peace of seclusion and the deeper concentration helps to strengthen the power of a prayer. Also you need to  free yourself of all negative emotions such as doubt, anxiety, fear etc. Prayers are not answered by its many words, but by the sincerity with which it is being prayed. So repetition of words ought to be avoided, if possible, pray with your thoughts only, and not with words.

              When you pray, take note of your wandering thought. The truth is that, when you want to pray, you have to let go everything and concentrate. And do not manifold your pray, you do not approach God in prayer with so many request, thoughts. The way in which you must approach your creator is with a petition about that which oppresses you, most disturbing  and most important at that particular moment in which you pray. Do not pray for something that does not really bother you, since such prayer cannot come alive deep within your intuition. It become an empty form and quite naturally weakens some other and perhaps really necessary request. Therefore, pray for what is really necessary only. All empty phrases should be avoided. Do not disturb others with your prayer, rather, do not let them know you are praying. Unless you are praying to impress others. Such prayers are bound to fall to pieces and must foster hypocrisy!

                 Just like i said before, your prayers can be answered, irrespective of your religion. Be prayerful, because there are lots and lots of benefits that comes with it. A helping hand will always be extended downward towards you when you pray genuinely and effectively.