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INCEST: Introduction

Abuse means being perverted, wrongly used of something. Abuse can be in various ways. there are sexual abuse, psychological abuse, drug abuse, anything at all that is given to be misused. Here, i will be discussing sexual abuse because it is becoming a problem in this modern world of ours. Hardly, do you read or listen to the news daily, without a report reaching you about a child/adolescent being violated sexually. It is happening at an alarming rate nowjadays. The female child is always most affected. Am not saying that male children are not molested too but the female children are most affected psychologically and the emotional stress that accompanies female child molestion. Majority of child/adolescent sexual abusive cases are always left unreported. 

             Our culture does not help matter in this issue at all. A culture that sees the inequality between the male and female child will continue to experience this problem that is eating deep into our society at an alarming rate. During the developmental years, male and female children/adolescent are taught stereotyped sex roles that set the stage for how sexual activity should take place. Males are often taught that being unfeeling, uncommunicative and sexually demanding is part of being masculine. Sexual activities becomes an opportunity to gain peer status and show conquering abilities rather than to related meaningfully to another person. A Female child, culturally socialise to seek approval from others by being passive, adaptive and physically attractive. They are taught to downplay their intelligence and assertiveness for fear of being seen as unfeminine. Thus, girls learn to exploit themselves sexually toward a nonsensual goal. Little cultural recognition is given to the healthy expression of female sexual feeling, instead, sexual directiveness in young women is considered abnormal. It appears that the society has been grooming boys to be sexually exploitive, and girls to be sexually victimized.

           I am using this opportunity to call on parents. Parents  ought to be vigilant especially when it comes to being protective of their female children who seems to be more vulnerable than their male counterpart. Parents need to inculcate into their children sexual relating matters. Sex should be taught and portrayed in a different way. It would be very helpful to the society if we begin teaching sexual relating issues as serious activity that can be approached with personal integrity, a willingness to assume responsibility. If sexual lessons are to be undertaken responsibly, with accurate information and healthy sex role models, negative repercussions could reduced.

           In today's world, molestation is becoming a very big problem. Children are being engaged in a wrong type of relationship which leaves a deep ingrained effect on these young ones. It could even last a lifetime effect. Please do not think that it is none of your business, because as a parent, you might not know if your beloved kid is being violated by a close related adult, an offender. The offender of a female child could be a cousin, an uncle, an father, step father, next door neighbour, family male friend, grand father, neighbours, any adult male etc.
           In subsequent articles, i will be concentrating more on the female children because they are more vulnerable and when sexual abused always have longer lasting emotional effect on the female child compared to a male child. The male children/adolescents are also molested on a daily basis but for a female child/adolescent, it is always accompanied with excruciating pain, traumatic stress, infections, emotional breakdown, teen's pregnancy etc.

          Sexual abuse has finally been recognised as a major problem in the society. Public awareness and education about childhood/teendom sexual abuse must be one of the primary goal of a sane society.

           Incest is the most common form of sexual abuse. Incest between an adult and a person under the age of consent is considered a form of child sexual abuse that has been shown to be one of the most extreme foms of childhood abuse. It often results in serious and long term psychological trauma, especially in the case of parental incest.

             I call upon mothers to be vigilant and to pay close attention to their children, most especially the female children, becoming close to them, opening a channel of communication between you and your female child is very  important. Gone are those days when parents shy away from sexually related topics with their children. sex topic ought to be inculcated in the minds of this little ones. teach them how to react when someone plays with them sexually. 

            Many benefits can be derived from addressing the relationship between incest and sexuality. As a society, we can become more informed about the real damage that occurs. Our motivation to combat child sexual abuse can be strengthened. Parents can recognise signs of abuse earlier and more outspoken role in protecting their children. Sexual offenders can be directly challenged without intimidation. An incest that is a sexual abuse can go on for quite a long time undetected. In such instance, you can imagine the pain and traumatic stress this victim children experiences every single day as this incestuous activity keeps on occuring on a regular basis. She might not be your child, she could be the girl next door, Your friend's daughter etc. Join me to save these children/adolescents today. Let heal the world and make it a better place.

         In the next article i will giving you the full details about incest; Defination  and type of incest.