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Plants are magnificent creatures, apart from human beings and animals. Plants are the other physical living things that exist on this Gross material world. Plants have already been here on earth before the emergence of animals, and the arrival of man. Plants here, am including the green plants, fungi, red and brown algea. Every other form of life on earth are dependent on these creatures directly or indirectly.

             Plants are creatures that are so common that we always underestimate their values in our lives. the truth is that we cannot do without these lovely, beautiful creatures. The order of this physical world make us rely heavily on plants. The physical body of man is part of mature, so it is of no different from that of all other developed animals like apes when it comes its physical needs. So you have no choice but depend on plants whether you like it or not.

               Plants were here on earth even before the emergence of animals and man being the late comer to these earth is been mandated to take control and subdue both the plant and animals. Plants are living things just like man and animals, its amazing to realise that the feed, breathe, grows, reproduces in their own ways and so on. But in all, they are meant for the survival of man and animals. I am using the phrase man and animals in the sense that man is of a different origin from animals. The former is from the Spiritual realm of Creation while the later is from the Animistic ring of Creation. But in reality on this Gross material World, the physical body of man is not different from those of animals in the sense that they both issued from this Gross material World. Everything in this Material world is in cycle, which applies to life on earth too. Everything in this Gross Material world is meant to be born, undergo some form development, grow old and be born again in a grand version. Our dear Earth, being a part of this Gross Material world is susceptible to this cycle of change too. There was a time this Earth was formed, it is in its certain stage of development and it will grow old and die (disintegrate). the same applies to man, animal and plants on Earth. That is why we are mortals. Our physical body is a mere flesh, that will be left behind.

                 Now, the question is, if Man originates from the Spiritual, the animals from the Animistic, where do plants originates from? Hmmmm good question, exactly how someone asked me on whatsapp. 

                 Unlike Man and animals, plants do not have souls, but they are found in almost all the planes, realms in Creation. They serve different purposes in different planes in Creation. I would have loved to write about one of the purpose of plants in the Ethereal world but i do not intend to bore you with much story in this article. I want to limit my writing of this purposes to the physical world alone.

                 Plants are magnificent creatures that their great importance are always underestimated in our lives. Yet, we can hardly do without them. The truth is that plants are there in order for us to survive on Earth. They are there for the purpose of Man and animals directly or indirectly. 

         Permit me to write a little about some of the the importance of plants to Man. They are as follows:

 Man derives his food from plants. All the food that man consume are directly or indirectly dependable on plants. Plants comtains all the nutrients that the physical bodies of man and animal needs in order to live a healthy and balance life on Earth. Different plant's species have been used by man as food and more are yet to be discovered. 

    Plants are very important in this aspect that without the plants, the earth would have become very hot to live. They also help in regulating air componenent by absorbing carbondioxide and using it for its own metabolism and by end product, oxygen  which man and animals need in order to survive. Most of the oxygen gas molecules present in the air, consumed by both man and animals are produced by plants. Trees can absorb odors and pollutant gases through their bark. It is a pity that man who is mandated to dominate and subdue creation is the one interfering with the order of nature by cutting down trees without planting any replacement , by doing so, man causes a great disturbance to mother nature. Please think twice before bringing down that trees.

   Plants can also serve as medicine when the physical body of both man and animals are in a bad  state of health, the plants will still come to the rescue. Drugs are derived directly or indirectly from plants. There are those that are gifted with the ability to choose herbs for any kind of illness. That weed, flowers, tree bark, grasses that you always ignore on a daily bases could be medicinal, you never can tell. 

            The three importance of plants listed above are inevitable for the survival of man and animals on earth. Although, there are numerous importance that are even beyond the knowledge of man. When it comes to beautification, plants are there. Shelter and habitat; they are there. 
             Like every other parts of nature, plants are taken care of by animistic beings put in charge of nature and its elements.