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If you have read the article "INTRODUCTION TO CREATION", you will recall that i tried to paint pictures of the various major spheres in creation for you. Now, for the sake of a more comprehensive view, the main spheres from above downward are reproduced here:

              1:  The Divine:
                                * Divinity unsubstantiality = GOD
                                   * Divinity substantiality

              2:   Spiritual substantiality:
                                 *  Conscious spiritual substantiality
                                    *  Unconscious spiritual substantiality
              3:   Animistic substantiality:
                                 *  Conscious Animistic substantiality
                                    *  Unconscious Animistic substantiality

              4:   The spheres of Matter:
                                    *  Ethereal substance
                                        *Gross matter

           I have talked about the origin of man, that man originated from the spiritual realm, from the spiritual substantiality. Now, i want to clarify it further,  that man originated from the unconscious spiritual substantiality. While the animals you see here on earth, originates from the unconscious animistic substantiality. There are huge difference between the two spheres.

           The animating core of man is spirit. While the animating core of animals is animistic substantiality.

            The origin of the inner man is consequently higher, the spirit is higher than that of the animal, because the Spiritual substantiality stands above the animistic substantiality. However, both man and animals do have something in common i.e the origin of there physical bodies.

             Please, i want to bring to your notice that there were conscious and unconscious animals just like the spiritual beings. but here we only talk about the unconscious animistic substantiality that were ejected too, in order for them to gain consciousness and become developed and then finally find it way back to animistic substantiality. Just like i said before, both man and animal's phsical body shares the same origin, however, the spirit of man, has over ages developed his original purely animal body to a higher state of perfection than was possible for the animistic substantiality of the animal. The theory of the natural development of the physical body from the lowest form of animal body right up to the human body is therefore correct, it shows  in every respect the conscious and uninterrupted working upwards of the creative Will in Nature, a proof of its perfection. But with this theory, one very great mistake was made that man did not take into account what lay beyond the physical world of Gross matter.

              If it is said that the human body i.e the gross material cloak of man, originated from the animal body which existed before the human body, this is correct. But that the inner life of man also originated from that of animal, this is an unpardonable and misleadinding error that must cause a conflict in your thinking faculty!

              The essential difference between Man and Animal lies solely within. Animals can only return to animistic substantiality as "group souls" after casting aside its bodies. While man can only return to the spiritual substantiality after casting away all its bodies. An animal originating from animistic substantiality can never swing upwards to the level of the human being. There difference between  the physical bodies, however, lies only in the outer form, which has been more nobly developed in man by the spirit after it had entered the physical body. In the future we will discuss the arrival of the spirit-germ to the Gross material world.

               The best friend you can ever have is an animal, they are always loyal, humble and they can warn you if there is going to be any natural imbalance in nature that can hurt you just like balaam would have been struck down if not  for the intervention of his horse. Love animals, the way you will love your fellow human being. You can only kill, if and only if  it is necessary. Please do not torture before killing any animal.



The written account of creation should not be taken in an earthly sense. The scriptural narrative also does not refer to this earth. The creation of earth was simply the natural consequence of the further development of the first creation. It is almost incredible how scriptural scholars could have jumped to such an illogical conclusion and incomplete  assumption as that God out of His own perfection could without any transition have immediately created the gross matter earth.

              Do you know every religion has a creation story to tell? But observe carefully this stories, you will noticed they are all saying the same thing. The stories are only painting  pictures of creation. I want you to know that earth or the material world is not the first creation, to get closer to the truth of what actually happened, it is not really necessary to change the words of the scripture. On the contrary, the description of the history of creation represent the truth much more clearly than all the false and incomplete assumptions! It is only the erroneous interpretations which have caused a misunderstanding on the part of so many people. these people quiet rightly sensed the mistakes that is made by persistently placing the paradise referred to in the scripture on this gross materal world, earth, which is so far removed from the Divine. It surely cannot be so little known that the bible is primarily a spiritual book! It gives clarification about spiritual events. Thus, there could be no question of a paradise on earth!

               However, to suppose that paradise was situated here on the gross material earth must breed doubters! The thought of a "driving out" from the earthly paradise, is so unhealthy, as to be almost grotesque. The less perfect a thing is, the further removed it is from perfection. Hence the spiritual beings who were created out of perfection cannot be the human beings on earth, but must have their place closer this perfection and therefore represent the most ideal examples for humanity! They are the eternal spiritual beings who never descend into the world  of matters and therefore never become human beings. They are endowed with magnificent beauties radiates ideal figures who attracts like magnets and at the same time, exercise a strengthening influence on all the abilities of the human spirit-germs and later on the spirits which have attain to consciousness.

                Another statement with wrong conception is "After His Image". I want you to know that a creature can never, ever be like its Creator i.e God. This statement "After His image" means the first created spirit beings can only be after His image, not after Himself, not like God Himself i.e only after that in which He shows Himself, because on pure Divinity Himself is unsubstantiate.

                  When it is said : "In the sweat of thy brow thou shalt eat thy bread", this is metaphorically quite correct. In other words, the turmoil of experiencing makes it necessary for it to defend itself and struggle against the onrushing influences of the lower sphere into which it penetrates as a stranger. I know you will find it difficult to grasp for now, do not worry, with time i will explain in full details, by then your spirit has become matured enough to grasp. This expulsion or ejection or being driven out from paradise is in no wise a punishment, but becomes an absolutely natural and automatic necessity when the spirit-germ is nearing a certain stage of maturing as a result of the urge to develop self-consciousness. It is the birth from the sphere of unconscious spiritual substantiality into the sphere of Animistic substantiality and later into the world of Matter for the purpose of developing. It is progress, not retrogression!

                     The fall of man, which occurred only later and from which hereditary sin developed, was a happening all on its own, to be explained in full details later. The description of the story of creation that man felt the desire to "cover his nakedness" after the conception of good and evil awakened within him, which was the beginning of self -consciousness. From the increasing urge to become conscious, ejection follows automatically, hence its journey began, as the spirit-germ steps out of the Realm of spiritual substantiality, it stands naked" as such in a lower different and denser sorrounding. One can also say "uncovered". It is then that the human spirit feels not only the urge but the absolute necessity to cover itself protectingly with the essence and nature of the substance sorrounding it; it wrap itself in a sort of cloak and take on first, the animistic animistic covering, then the ethereal body and finally also the gross material body.

                      The statement "Let there be light" signifies the beginning Creation but will be so difficult for you to grasp right now because there are lots of things you need to know or else alot of gap will be left behind and you will be confused at the end. So you have to be patient as i unfold before you wealth of knowledge.



           You must have heard Yourself talk to you very often but you ignore, probably because of its calmness, gentleness. That is your intuitive perception. The so-called "inner voice", the spiritual part of man, to which he can listen, is the intuitive perception, it is without reason that people say: "The first impression is always right".

           When i was a little kid, i had that mindset that inside of every man exist the good force and bad force i.e God and the devil. That both forces influences our thought,  that God speak with soft, calm, and sweet voices, while
 the devil speak with a baritone, rogued voice and i believe alot of people still have this mindset. Well, whatever your mindset is, does not really matter right now. Am about to explain what those voices really are.

            For example, what you intuitively sense at a first meeting with a stranger is your intuitive perception, it can either be a kind of warning to be careful,  which may even go as absolute repugnance or something pleasant mounting to a feeling of complete affinity in some cases it may also be indifference! So that very first impression, you had was your intuitive perception. It is always right, that is your spirit man. Now, in the course of conversation or further intercourse with the person, this first impression is brushed aside or entirely effaced through the judgement of the intellect, so that the thought arises that the original intuition was wrong. It almost invariably turn out at the end of that meeting with the person, that the very first intuition  is the right one. And this often occur to the suffering of those who allowed the intellect to mislead them through the deceptive nature of the other person!

               Now, you recall from the article "WHO AM I?", we discussed who man really is, and his origin, that you are a spirit. The spirit needs to operate in this physical world. So in other for the spirit to operate in this physical world, it needs a body to work with. This your physical body has been assigned to you as a tool, in other for you to be able to operates in this physical world.Just like every other thing in this physical world, your physical body is subjected to birth, growth/development, wears and tears, death and decay while YOU [the spirit man] never grow old, because YOU are not bounded by time and space. YOU eternally exist.

                  Now, the spirit man being the driving force, because without the spirit, the body is lifeless. The spirit speaks to the physical body through the intuitive perception. The intuitive perception which is not bounded to time and space but connected with its homogeneous kind, with the spiritual, immediately recognised the true nature of the other  person and did not allow itself to be deceived by the cleverness of the intellect. It is absolutely impossible for the intuitive to err! The spirit can never be wrong in this matter. This is one of the ways in which the spirit guides you.

                   Whenever something strang or new or unexpected wants to happen, you will always receive a first impression which in most cases you ignore. Whenever man is lead astray, there two reasons for his errors. Either the intellect or the feeling! How often it is said that " In this matter i allowed myself to be guided by my feeling/ intellect and got into trouble". such persons has mistaken their feeling for their inner voice. Therefore, be on the guard! Feeling is not intuitive perception! Feelings emanated from the physical body. This generates instinct, which guided by the intellect, produce feeling. However, the combined working of feeling and intellect give birth to imagination. Imagination has a retroactive effect, it can only influence the feelings of its creator  but never of itself send out a wave of power to others.

                       Thus, we can observe on the one side the intuitive perception and on anothers side the body, instinct, intellect, feelings,  a.nd imagination. I am not talking down the body, intellect, feelings and imagination because you will always make use of them in this physical world, they are important during your stay here on earth.

                       That first impression can come in form of a voice, a quick feelings, a sharp and quick picture that you see etc. So always be on the alert to receive from the real YOU. It could be an advice, warning, lesson learnt, etc. 

                         So when next a soft voice speak to you or you see a sharp pictures, it might be related to the experiences your going through or the ones still to come,  just bt be calm and listen, see, or feel. Your first impression is always right.

  Please questions, i will be glad to respond to you as fast as possible. THANK YOU!