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In this article, i will be explaining the arrival of the inner most part of man, the spirit- germ into the world of Gross matter, in which the earth is a part of. Incase your coming across this blog for the first time, then i will plead with you to read first the previous articles i wrote titled "INTRODUCTION TO CREATION", "WHO AM I" and "THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAN AND ANIMAL", because that is the only way you can have a little understanding of what am about to share with you.

             We already talked about the origin of man, that man originated from the part of the spiritual Realm called the unconscious spiritual substantiality as a spirit-germ. The expulsion of the spirit-germ was necessary for the development into a conscious developed human spirit. That was the starting point of your development towards consciousness. The developed ones of subsequent creation to which we human beings also belong. Now, am going to  you a brief description on the course taken by the spirit-germ after its expulsion from the spiritual realm.

              The spirit-germs, on expulsion or ejection from the spiritual realm sinks down and thus enters into an animistic ring surroundings, where it was covered with a cloak which corresponding to the nature of that surrounding. The thus, veiled spirit-germs, which still slumber in complete unconscious, definitely will find it way into the ethereal matter. This in turn, the germ was veiled again with a second cloak of  a different nature and corresponding with the particular surrounding in which they are. It is in this ethereal part of creation that the veiled spirit-germ was tendered for and it becomes stronger and stronger, due to the fact that it is roused through the effects which, in spite of the delicacy of this plane, are of a coarser nature than in the spiritual realm, and through the stronger sound of the activity, the spirit-germ can at a definite stage of ripeness awaken to become gradually conscious of its surrounding, but not self-conscious yet. It must shock you now  to know that animals are conscious  of there surroundings but not self-conscious like human being even here on earth. Also, it is in this Etheral matter that the spirit sparks i.e the spirit-germ, take on the human form due to its gaining of consciousness. This is the "SOUL"  of man i.e the spirit covered with the animistic and the ethereal cloak.

            Hence in the Gross material world, physically visible matter, there was gradually formed in the further evolution the vessel in which the veiled spirit i.e the soul of man, could be incarnated. Through the continuously strive forming,  there grew up in time the most highly developed animal which by thinking already made use of various aids for its sustenance and defence. Remember, that the gross material body i.e the physical body of man is nothing more than an instrument that he needs to more than the indepensable instrument that he needs to enable him to work in all directions in the gross material earth and to make himself  to be understood by his fellow sojourners.

             Now, the question is, how did the first man came into existence? Having issued as spirit spark, sinking down through the Ethereal world and at the same time uplifting everything, there stood  at its boundary, at the moment when the gross material earthly vessel rising upwards in its development had reached the highest point. The soul also ready and prepared to unite with gross matter, in order to further and uplift it.

              Thus while the vessel in the world of Gross matter had grown to maturity, the soul in the ethereal world had developed so far that it possessed sufficient strength to retain its independence upon entering the gross matterial vessel. This incarnation of the human soul in the physical body which normally occur in the middle of pregnancy. we are going to talk more about pregnancy. Thus the great epoch in the development of creation had come on the one side in the Gross material stood the most highly developed animal, which was to provide the gross material body as a vessel for the coming man, On the other side in the Ethereal World stood the developed human soul who was waiting to unite with the gross material vessel and thereby give a further impetus for spiritualisation to every thing gross material. Now, when the act of procreation took place between the noblest pair of the highly developed animals, there was incarnated at the hour of incarnation not an animal soul as hitherto, but instead the waiting human sou bearing within it the immortal spirit spark. The Ethereal human souls with predominantly developed positive abilities incarnated in male animal bodies, corresponding to the homogeneity. Those with predominantly negative, more delicate abilities in female bodies.

                 Now, after his birth the first earthman really stood alone, without parents, because of their high development he could not recognise the animals as parents, and was unable to have any communion with them.The severance of the woman from the first human being was an ethereal-spiritual one. It did not take place in a gross-material-earthly way, as in fact the descriptions in the bible and ancient religions, writing mainly refer just to spiritual and Ethereal events. All this was a long-lasting period of development, comprising millions of years.

                  Through her more valuable spiritual qualities, women should and could in reality be more perfect than man, but unfortunately it was just she who above all failed. The offering of the apple, emanating from the woman, was the woman becoming conscious of the effect of her charms upon man and their intentional exploitation. But the taking and eating by the man was his response to it with the awakening urge to draw the attention of woman only to himself by beginning to make himself desirable through accumulating treasures and appropriating various things of values.



The spirit is never submissive. The nature of the human spirit is really incompactible with submission. It is utterly impossible for the human spirit to submit totally. The statement of our Lord Jesus Christ: "THY WILL BE DONE!",  people who believe in God utter these words submissively! These words are used almost exclusively where sorrow that was inescapable has entered. When Man realises that he could do nothing more about it, then if he is a believer, he will say in passive submission: " Thy Will be done!". It is not humility, however, that prompts him to speak thus, but the words are meant to calm him in face of something he has been powerless to deal with. That is the origin of the submission which man express in such case. If, however, he were offered the slightest opportunity to alter things in my way, he would not care about the WILL of God, but his submissive attitude would again quickly be changed to the form: "My will be done". such is man!

             Human submission is never genuine. just take yourself as a case study. You must have prayed or ask God for a thing one time or the other saying "God, if only you can do this or that for me, i will make sure i do this or that in order to show gratitude to you". But the very moment you grasp that thing you submissively asked for, you completely forget about your pledges,  you start giving excuses of how you could not redeem your pledge.

            In most of Africa and Asia and some other part of the world, wives are expected to be submissive to their husband, in most cases they do not have a say in the marriage. They have to go with whatever decisions their husband has made without any questioning. At one point or the other, there is bound to be rebellion on the part of the woman. The truth is manhood is not greater than the womanhood in creation, though, different in their activities in creation. The male human spirit is more active and aggresive while the female human spirit is less aggressive, a bit delicate. So in this Gross material world, the male are stronger, heavier and are more familiar with this physical world due to the nature of their activities. While the female man are delicate, less heavy and a little strange to this physical world, and more spiritually connected. I will talk about this elaborately later.

             So husbands, remember that your wife completes you, in what you lack spiritually, she is to help you and the family find your path back to the luminous light. Do not in anyway enslave her. Being a little strange in this physical world, they are easily deceived, so you need to protect her in that part too. In return she will guide you intuitively, because i will say women are more spiritually connected. A man and his wife are bounded spiritually as one. Love her like you love yourself. Instead of expecting her to submit to every of your authority/decision,  make decisions together. Your wife is your nearest neighbour, closest friend, like your new mom. we talk more on marriage later.

                Children can be submissive,  yes, because until the maturity of the physical body, the spirit in children cannot take control of the body and its surroundings, but immediately maturity sets in, do not expect your child to be submissive again, because the spirit is not submissive when it is fully awaken in a matured phisical body. So , parents, it is easier to teach your child while he/she has not reach maturity.

                  Submission! This word should not exist at all for believers in God! Simply should be replaced with "Joyful volition"! God does not want dull submission from man, but joyful activities. Submissive people bear the lie within, for submission is absolutely incompactible with "spirit"! Therefore, also with the human spirit! All that is spirit is utterly unable to bring the quality of true submissiveness to life within itself! Wherever it is attempted, it must remain artificial, thus self-delusion or even conscious hypocrisy! But it can be genuinely felt because the human spirit, being spiritual, is incapable of it.

                  Submissiveness is a quality that lies solely in the animistic! Only in the animal does it find gunuine expression. The animal is submissive to its master! but the spirit does not know this  designation! Therefore it always remains unnatural for the human being. submission was drilled into slaves with difficulty and harshness, because they were put on par with animal, in sale and purchase, as personal property. Yet the submission could never become really genuine in these slaves. It was either dullness, fidelity or love that lay hidden under the submission and gave it expression but never true submission. Slavery is unnatural among human spirit.

                     The submission of the animistic finds it enhancement in the spiritual in conscious and willed loyalty! What denote submission in the animistic, therefore, loyalty in the spiritual. sibmission does not befit man, because he is of the spiritual!

                     So am using this opportunity to advice you reading this article right now, no matter the position you occupy in the society, do not see yourself being more important than others. Rather, be friendly, kind, serve and most importantly love others.  We are all children of creation. i wish every one could be "CHILDLIKE" and this earth will be a better place for all of us.