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        In this article, i want to introduce you to creation, i want you to have a glimpse of the picture of creation. For better understanding it is necessary to give a complete picture of all that exists in order to make it easier for the seeker the find it way to the Eternal kingdom of God. The paradise from which he originated in his very first beginning. In the article " THE UNSEEN WORLD " i made classification of two worlds namely; the seen world and the unseen worlds. i said something about the seen world, i given a brief explain of about the unseen worlds as the Beyond. Today am going to be painting pictures of the unseen worlds into your imagination. Please be focus on what am about to discuss. 

           Imagine Divinity as absolutely the highest over all! GOD Himself, as the starting point of all that exists, as the primordial source of Life, is in His absolute perfection, unsubstantiate. Next to God Himself, in His very own unsubstantiality follow the sphere of Divine substantiality. In this originated the first Beings to take on form and shape. To this sphere belong the Divine Beings. The Primordial Queen, The Archangels, The Elders and many more, all belong to this sphere of Divine substantiality. Lucifer also once belong to this sphere too. It might shock you to let you know that non of this Beings can see God in His unstantiated form. He is far too strong to be seen by them, unless He takes on the form that is comformable to Divine substantiality. Just like Christ took  on the human form, when he was on a mission to the gross material world, because it is utterly impossible for Man to see His real form. 

               The Son of God issued from Divine unsubstantiality as part of it and after fulfilling His mission in the world of gross matter, He had to return back to Divine unsubstantialty and became one with the Father.

                Adjoining the sphere of Divine substantiality is the Primordial Creation, the Eternal Kingdom of God. This is outside Divinity. The Primordial Creation? yes the part of Creation closest to Divinity. In this Kingdom i.e the Spiritual substantiality, there is first of all the conscious spiritual substantiality, consisting of the created eternal spiritual beings, who are also called Spirits. These are perfect, ideal forms of all that the human spirits, in their most perfect development, can and should aspire to be. These spirits were never born into the World of Matter and were created by God Himself, as the first primordial spirits, thus coming closest to Him in perfection. They are the once made after His own image! It must not be overlooked that the story of creation expressly states: "After His Image" for they can only be after His image, not after God Himself i.e only after that in which He shows Himself, because only pure Divinity itself is unsubstantiate. 

                 The paradise of spiritual substantiality also contains the unconscious spiritual substantiality which holds the same fundamental component as conscious spiritual substantiality i.e the spirit germ. The germs that have life and strive to develop towards consciousness. The unconscious, however, can only achieve this consciousness through experiencing and this urge towards further development through experiencing finally causes such maturing and ambitious germs of unconscious spiritual substantialty to be expelled or ejected, which ever way you may call it.

                Next order downwards from this Paradise of spiritual substantialiy, comes the sphere of all Animistic substantiality. This sphere is again divided into two parts. There is first conscious animistic substantiality, consisting of the elemental  and nature beings. To this sphere belong the elves, gnomes, nixels etc. The elemental and nature beings had to co-operate creatively in the development  of the World of Matters, just as they still do today. It might surprise you to know that there are beings that are given charge of taking care of what you see in nature, and the elements as well. some of them have been encountered before by humans before, well topic for another day.

                   Secondly, in the sphere of animistic substantiality, there exists unconscious animistic substantiality. From here issued the life of the animal.  It should be noted that the difference between the spiritual sphere and animistic sphere. The spiritual is higher than the animistic. Only that which is spirit bears within it from the very beginning onwards the power to make a free decision and the resulting full responsibility. This is not the case with beings of animistic substantiality.

                    A further result of the process of development was the creation of matter. This is divided in the Ethereal substance and the gross material substance which commencing with the finest nebulae, is visible to the physical eyes. But there is no question of paradise on earth, as the earth is one of the furthest outposts of gross matter.

                    So long in the course of this article, i have tried as much as to paint a picture of creation for you. Now i want you to know that these spheres mentioned above, also contain plains, different plains and regions. For example,  in the gross material world, there are the plains of Fine Gross Matter, Medium Gross Matter. Right now we are in the plain of densiest and coursest Gross Matter.
                      Please take note that creation only begin from the spiritual substantiality i.e the topmost part of creation and that is the home of all spiritual being, due to the fact that human spirits originates from the spiritual substantiality, the human spirit had been given dominion in creation. that is the reason man on earth, though being a late comer to this earth, had been able to subdue it. But with great power comes greater responsibilities



     WHO AM I? that must have been a question you have ask yourself time without number. And other related questions like where do i come from? why do i exist? well, your intellect could never have asked such questions, your mind couldn't. Such questions could only come from You, your innermost man, the Spirit man in you. There is a difference between your soul and your spirit, i will explain that later, but not in this article, because if i do explain now you will get confused and it won't make sense to you unless i explain first the unseen worlds to you.
       I want to use this opportunity to explain to you a little what a spirit is. The world "spirit" is often used without the speaker being aware of what spirit really is. Some simply call spirit the inner life of man, while others regard spirit and soul as the same. It is often used to describe a spirited person, but this goes no further than mere brain activity. there are many other ways of using the word "spirit", but no one tries to explain what spirit really means.

        You must have heard the quote "GOD is a spirit" the scripture was trying to say that God cannot been seen with the physical eyes. But it might shock you to know that GOD is far, far greater than being a spiritual being. Please, learn something today, GOD is not a spiritual being like Man. He is not of the same origin as you. GOD is the Creator, you are a creature in His Creation. This is one of the error that Man on earth has always bounded himself with and lead himself away from reality. GOD is Divine, and not Spiritual! This in itself explains everything, only spirituality is spirit. This hitherto erronous can be explained by the fact that Man originates from the spiritual sphere, He is therefore unable to think beyond this sphere. The spiritual is the highest in creation.

         GOD is Divine, His WILL is Spirit! out of this His Living Will, His immediate spiritual sorrounding came into being, Paradise and its inhabitants. The Will of GOD, also called the Spirit of GOD, the HOLY Spirit, through His Will creation came into being. Not one thing in all of creation was made without His Will. The scripture made mention of the garden, paradise. It actually exist, even as i write, and it will perpetually exist for eternity. The scripture's account of paradise is correct, just that Man seems to explain these accounts as events that occurred here on earth. Out of this paradise came Man as a spirit-germ to begin his journey through creation.
           I know by now, a lot of questions would have been flooding through your mind, like GOD creating Man in His own IMAGE and Likeness? Yes that is true, just stay tune to this blog as a lot of your questions will be answered in course of time. please ask questions or comment in the comment box below.
          So as i was saying, you started your journey from paradise, also called the spiritual realm, passing through different realms, plains and finally, to this furthered creation, here the gross material world. Man is not the only creature in creation. There are so, so many other creatures existing in creations. Thus, Man is at crown of creation. That is why Man has dominion in creation. well, topic for another day.
             Man is the bearer of spirit in the whole material world, including this earth. Animals do not bear spirit, they do not have anything spiritual in them, only man!

            Now you know what you are, a spirit, an "ego" a living spiritual being who have travelled from his home to a place where he needs to develop himself from an unconscious spirit-germ to a developed, complete, conscious human spirit. Like the parable of the prodigal son, you need to return home full matured, after you have been through a lot of experiences.

         Spirit therfore, is the Will of GOD, the life-elexir of all creation which, if it to continue to exist, must be permeated by the Divine Will, Man being part-bearer of this Spirit should in becoming self concious, contribute towards the upliftments  and further development of all in creation. To do this however, it is necessary that he should learn to use the powers of Nature aright and make them collectively serve the furtherance of creation. what is said here is only meant as a preliminary explanation. in the nearest future, more detailed articles in which the various species of spirit will be depicted within there own well-defined plains and spheres.

          I wish you know the beauty that You(your spirit man) possessed, the shining light that your are made of, your glory, the love, elegance glowing so brilliantly. Your physical body is not the real you. Your physical body is a cloak, given to you, because without your physical body, you won't be able interact in this physical world. And after sometime, you will leave it behind and move on.

           Please ask questions using the comment box or comment, i will glad respond to them. THANK YOU.



We continue from last article's topic HAPPINESS. As i was saying, happiness habit will teach you the one basic philosophy of reacting to circumstances. You may not be able to do much about things that happens to you, but you can do very much about how you respond/react to them. Developing the happiness habit, using it unconciously, gaining the glory of happiness with it, these thing will make happiness an everyday occurrence for you. you will expect it as you expect to eat and sleep daily.
          Now, just like i said before, that the world around you will keep changing in form, shapes, states, conditions, circumstances, situations etc. All in the bid to develop you, your inner most being- your spirit man. That means that you need to change too, in your physical activities, the way you do things, your life style, infact in every aspect of your life. Do not be rigid, you cannot stand still and be happy. One of the first thing that the use of the happiness habit will bring is the destruction of an enemy of nature called rigidity i.e monotony.
          Monotony can destroy your youth and bring premature ageing. The truly happy person does not find life monotonous. And a life that is filled with happiness is one in which the mental faculties are not allowed to rust. Always strive to be in the present, because time is always in the PRESENT, THE NOW. Keep your mind young by keeping your mind busy with new interest. "Is the life that is filled with happiness, filled with new interests, filled with mental activities, the life that is going to be the longest and healthiest"? the answer is yes!
            Maintain a healthy prayer life, meditate on good and positive thought With this kind of atitude, you will never find life monotonous. Make life simple for yourself. Love people as you will want them to love you, no matter how bad you may think they could be, still love them. Do not judge or condemn, because if you really search yourself deeply, you are not better off. Find time to become one with nature and admire the works of your creator. Admire yourself and others, because you are a part of God's work, you are a child of creation. 

             "Whosoever does right, whether male or female and is a believer, We shall make live a good life and We shall pay them a recompense in proportion to the best of what they used to do."[Surah al-Nahl:97].The phrase "good life" in the above quoted verse is the same as happy life i.e Happiness. Treat people right, do the right thing at the right time. There is a law that operates in creation which states as follows: "Only in giving, will thou receive." It means that if you give what you have, you will definitely,receive what you have given out in multiple folds. Now that you have made happiness as a daily habit, you now realize that you alone can make yourself happy. Then it does not have to end with you, what you have, you give, only then can you receive that same thing in a hundred fold. Make people around you happy, help them, put a smile on someone's face and you will be amazed how satisfying your happiness will be. This law is not applicable only to happiness alone but to virtually everything in life. Genuinely Love everything and people around you and you will be surprised how much love will be extended back at you in multiple folds. Bless and you will be blessed. Care and you will be cared for. Hate and you will be hated. Infact, in whatever you do, with what measure that you have measured, it will be measured back to you in multiple fold.

              Be content with what you have, having more will not make you a happier person. And last words; keep yourself happy and people around you.


Pleas do not hesitate to use the comment box below, should you have any question or comment. THANK YOU!



 Are you happy? This is not a silly question. Nor is it an impertinent one. It is rather, a very pertinent question. "Laughter may hide sadness, when happiness is gone, sorrow is always there"[proverb 14:13]. The above scriptural quote has kind of explain to us that nothing in this world, i mean this physical world can ever give us a permanent satisfaction. It can only give pleasure for the main time and then your bored of what you have always clamoured for, become bored and unhappy again. No material thing can make you happy permanently, not even the biggest house, the most expensive car, the finest wife, handsome husband, the highest paid job, just name them yourself, any material thing at all that you can think of. Human desires are so unlimited, so numerous that he needs to give scale of preferences. but know that non of this things can give you a long lasting happiness that ever longed for.
      These material world that you so fansy, even the material things in it, you will one day leave behind, immediately you are severed from your physical body, that is the physical death. Remember, from the previous article, it is said that death is just a transition to what is called the beyond. In the nearest future, am going to explain to you what death and birth is all about.
       Nothing that we can ever feel, touch, see can give us the permanent happiness that we ever longed for. This world that you see is more of an illusion, like a dream that you will wake up from. Nothing you see will ever remain the way it is, everything will always change form, state. Virtually everything including your physical body.
        Lets take for example the automobile world, the lamborghini venoni, one of the most expensive and probably one of the fastest car in this physical world for now. Just give it a little time, then wait and see what becomes of it. The old beetle car was once the most expensive, adorable and probably the fastest car of its time, but the owner of such cars will never be proud of such cars in our today's society. That is to show that the world of automobile has change drastically from what it use to be.
        Another example, observe your physical body, you were once born, so little, innocent, beautiful, cute little baby, then now, you are grown probably an adolescent, middle age or old age. you could see how rapidly you have grown and matured with time, meanwhile YOU yourself do not change [you are a spirit]. Look around you, your environment and you will observed that nothing in this world remains the way it was with time. There was a time the egyptians rule the world, now, Amerians are one of the most powerful nation in the world.

       Now, why am i telling you all this? I want you to know that there are LAWS governing Creation as a whole and this laws pulsate into every part of Creation and this change of form thing i have been talking about is actually a Law pulsating the whole of creation. The Law of Motion as it is called, or you may call it what you may, but it does not change the fact that this adamant, inexorable law has and always take effect. do not worry, i will explain this law in the future, just stay glue to this blog.

       Sorry for digressing a little from the topic. Now, we know that nothing in this world remains the same with time, that means everything you think you enjoy or suffer  now will either depreciate, change, fade, dimish, become less satisfying, less value etc. That means the happiness you will derive is more or less a temporary pleasure feeling, because nothing that is physical can bring you permanent happiness in the real sense.

       Now, the question is: What really makes us happy? If material things can not give us permanent happiness, then what will? You have only need to look around you to see how people try to cover up their unhappiness. people are often too unhappy, depressed and worried, this is not how it should be. Wherein lies the trouble then? I want you to know that if anyone is unhappy, let the person remember that s/he is unhappy by the reason of himself or herself alone "He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast". Happiness is something that you are. you were made to be happy. Happiness is an habit, just the same nature as LOVE.

       By cultivating the happiness habit your life can be made more enjoyable and worthwhile. Habits are easy to cultivate. Ordinarily, we cultivates negative habits. But happiness is a positive habit that can bring you a happy life. By realizing this simple truth and by learning and utilizing the happiness habit, you can change your entire outlook on life. No longer will you face yourself in the mirror and say: "I want to be happy, but things that happens to me won't let me be happy."

      What happens to you does not have the power to create either happiness or unhappiness. what does create the negative or positve happiness-feeling within you is how you you react  to circumstances. This happiness habit will teach you the one basic philosophy of reacting to circumstances. I guess i have to stop here today. We will finish up with this topic in the next article HAPPINESS (2). stay tune to this blog as i will be unfolding to you mysteries of life and existence. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW.


Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe that at death you fail to exist anymore? or are you among those who believe that only what your eyes see, exist? That where your eyes perceive nothing, there is no life? That with the physical death yourself also cease to exist? All because in your blindness, you could not up till now, convince yourself to the contrary through your eyes. Do you know that your eyes as a limited capacity to what it can see? Do you know that your eyes is related to the capacity of your brain, which is bounded to time and space?That because of that you cannot recognize with your eyes anything beyond or rising above time and space? The beyond is completely above the earthly division of time and space and therefore, requires a similar nature in order to be recognized.
           Do you know that your eyes cannot even see all that can be classified within time and space? Take for example, our solar system which comprises the sun and the other heavenly bodies that orbit it, either directly or indirectly. My question is how many of these bodies can you see with your eyes? but that does not mean that they are not there. Except our neighbouring planets such as the venus and the mars, but few others can only be made visible by means of powerful telescopes. Outside our solar system, there are millions and billions of planets, stars bigger than our sun, comets, asteriod and many more moving in a continuous motion that cannot be see with our eyes in this world of Gross matter.
              Take for example again, the dimisions and characteristics of the human cornea, lens, retina, which means that there is a limite to the human visual acuity compared to that of birds of prey such as the eagles. An eagle's vision is believed to be as much as six times sharper than a human's vision. It can see more colours than man including the ultra violet rays.

                 Yet another example, think of a drop of water, which appears immaculately pure to every eyes and which on examination under a microscope is shown to contain millions and billions of living organisms mercilessly fighting and destroying each other. The much dreaded Ebola virus that has caused epidermics recently in west Africa and few other parts of this earth, can the virus be seen with your bare eyes? they can only be made visible by means of powerful instruments.

                 Who then will still dare to mention that there is nothing new and as yet unknown to be seen when the power of these instruments is further increased. Increase their power a thousand fold, a million fold and there will be no end to what may be seen, but ever new worlds which previously you could not see before, but nevertheless existed will be unfolded before you. NOW, all these examples that i stated above are in the confinement of time and space, just to show you that the human senses is so limited in its perceptions.
                 There are two worlds; The seen and The  unseen world. The seen world which is the physical world in which we are right now,  with our physical body, the brain, our senses, all bounded by space and time. the sea, the mountain, plants, animals, atmospheres, the heavenly bodies, infact anything that is within time and space. The unseen world, which we called the beyond. This word "beyond" confuses  many. The beyond is simply all that cannot be perceived by earthly means. An earthly means, i mean the eyes, the brain and all other parts of the body, also the instruments that help man to do their work still more accurately and precisely and to extent its scope. Therefore, one could say: The beyond embraces all that is beyond the perceptive capacity of our physical eyes. But there is no division between this world and the beyond! Nor any gulf! all is united, as is the whole of creation. one power streams through this physical world and the beyond, everything lives and works from this one life stream and is thus quite inseperably linked. immediately the physical death of your physical body and your unseen body is able severe itself from your physical body, you immediately find yourself in a different plane, different from this our physical world. The beyond  and the physical world are only one united existence! The idea of division has been invented solely by man, because he is unable to see everything and imagines himself to be the centre and focal points of the surroundings visible to him. Death is just a transition from physical world to the so called beyond. If you are a genuine seeker, please follow me on this blog, it will be my pleasure to reveal you what has been on your mind for so long.