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On earth, humans are the only being granted by the Creator to form words. Not only to form words but to use it as a means of communication  among themselves. It was a gracious gift given to human being on the course of his journey for his development. Words, just like thoughts and deeds [in short, words are deeds too], there will also be a repercussion for every word you utter out. Becareful what you let out of your mouth, because they can determine your fate here on earth. Remember, Your words are firmly anchored in the Primordial laws of Creation, so be careful what you mutter, because just like actions and thoughts, they will always return to you heavily laden. And the effect can either be beneficial or painful to you.

Words are formed, from words, phrase/clause are formed, from phrase, sentences are formed, this are the capabilities of the human spirit alone. Your words can be used to develop your develop your yourself both spiritually and physically. For every word you mutter, in the Ethereal world, it takes on form and it will sooner or later manifest itself in this Gross material world(physical world of ours). 

You can use your words for the upliftment of humanity and this subsequent creation at large or you can also use it for destructive purposes, then it up to you. The consequences of your words will fall back on you. You will surely reap what you sow,  and you shall reap it in  multiple folds. It like planting a maize seed, at the time of harvest you are sure going to reap more than one seed. The same way the Law of Reciprocal action works. You can call it whatsoever you wish to call it, but the truth still remains that the workings of the this Primordial Law can be observed in all of Creation.

Now, my aim here in this article is to delibrate on the wrong use of words. Using of words in a destructive manner. Your words are destructive,  if it is not uplifting. Even when your are admonishing someone, donot admonish to your pride, do it genuinely. Gossiping is one of ways of using words wrongly, because nothing good will ever come out of gossiping.

Gossip means an idle talk, when you converse with another or give an untrue report about the third person, in his or her absence, then it is a gossip. It is totally wrong to meddle in people's personal issues all in the bid to bring them  down.

 "Oh  ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly and afterwards, become full repentance for what ye had done."   {Qur'an  49:6}

Do not join others in spreading rumour about someone, or his/her personal issues, especially when the intention of the unconfirmed news is evil. What you cannot say about a person in his/her presence, donot say it in his/her absence. 

If you really wants to grow spiritually, you must learn how to talk less. Minimize the  number of words you mumble. The human spirit was not meant to speak unintelligently and senselessly. Jesus admonished us to use few words. 

"Let your communication be, Yea, yea: Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil" {Bible~Matthew 5:37} 

Becareful of those that talk much! Be very careful of them all. Those who talk much are always backbiters, gossipmonger and rumourmongers, slanderers, liers, cajolers.

 "He that goeth about as a talebearer revealeth secrets: therefore, meddle not with him that flattereth with his lips." {Bible~Proverb 20:19} 

Just like deed, what really matter in words is the intention behind these words. Your volition behind every thoughts, words and deeds matter alot.The lord Jesus give the following statement about the intention behind a thought while he was teaching: 

 "But i say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already with his heart." {Bible~Matthew 5:28}


From now on, always endeavor to let the volition behind your thoughts, words and deeds to be pure. Let your words become a shining light to others. Let your words serve as means of encouragement to others. Your words should bring beauty and love to earth, not destruction and seperation. Let people find your words, trustworthy. Be a man or a woman of few words.

"Therefore, pay attention to all words: for they hold joy or sorrow for you, they build up or disintegrate, they bring clarity but can also confuse, according to the manner in which they are spoken and applied."

"Heed your wolds! let your speech be simple and true! in accordance with the Holy Will of God, it contains an ability to form in an upbuilding way and also in a destroying ways, depending on the nature of the words and the speaker." {IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH} 

I hereby wish to end this article with the quote of  Gautama Buddha; 

"If speech have five marks, O monastics, it is well spoken, not badly spoken,  blameless, and above reproach by the wise. What are this five marks? It is speech that is timely, true, gentle, purposeful, and spoken with a mind of loving kindness."