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I want to commence with an explanation of what i call "THE GOLDEN GIFT". You use it everyday, but you do nothing with it. Does that sound impossible to you? Well, take for example, a child with a pencil, each day the child takes up his pencil and scibbles. He cannot write, he cannot compute, he cannot draw. So while he uses the pencil everyday, he actually does nothing with it. What then is the Golden gift, whose powers you use so casually? As you may know that all physical animals on earth needs a kind of nervous system in order for its entire physical body to be controlled. You will recall from past articles that man's physical body is purely animistic? Therefore, his body is controlled also by the nervous system. Now, The Golden gift is the main organ of the nervous system i.e The Brain. Let me give you a hint on why am call it the Golden gift. Your brain is a Golden gift, in your brain lies the power to make use of all your untapped resources. Your brain is more "Golden" and more of a gift than that. Your brain not only supplies the power to use your potentialities, it also holds all the resources you possess.

        The Golden gift can bring you longer life, better health, greater wealth,  increased happiness, more vitality. In short, your brain gives you the power to control all the essential aspects of a full life and full living. It is also a means by which the spirit can communicate with the physical body.

           I want to carry everybody reading this article along, even if you are not science oriented. lets divide the human brain into two parts namely: The frontal brain and the hindbrain. The frontal brain is much bigger than the hindbrain, it is associated with with executive functions such as reasoning, planning, vision,  motor control, abstract thought,  language, voluntary breathing and sleeping are also controlled by the brain. The frontal brain is the intellectual part of the brain, which man needs on order to be able to interact in this physical world and there is nothing spiritual about the frontal brain, therefore, it is bounded by time and space. The hindbrain  much smaller than the frontal brain  and it is located just behind the frontal brain. It is the hindbrain that is spiritually connected, it is the medium with which the spirit can commune with the physical body. It is the bridge with which the spirit can pass intuitive perception to the frontal bain for interpretation. Well, i will explaine that one later but not in this article.

            Now, the question is, how did sin or wrong doing originated from? It might surprise you to know that in the early days of man on earth, the frontal brain was once the same size as the hindbrain. Sin was the consequence of the origin fall of man. The sin or wrong doing lay in the over-cultivation of the intellect, associated with which was the voluntary chaining of man to time and space. There were additional effects resulting from purely intellectual activities such as love of gain, imposing on others, oppression etc which again brought about many others, infact, all evils in their train. Through being continually exerted, the frontal brain which produces the intellect became disproportionately enlarged. It was therefore quite natural due to the course of evolution that this change in structure expressed itself in the procreation of the physical body and that at birth, children entered this world with an increasedly developed and stronger frontal brain.

           When man made the intellect power to dominate all else, he not only chains himself to time and space, but also to everything that is earthly and gross material. He then became incapable of grasping anything that is ethereal or spiritual. Due to his inability to grasp anything, all that he grasp before his fall has become fables, fairy tales, legends and stories and in addition entangles himself in all sorts of evil, which is inevitable, where the intellect dominates.

           The Hereditary sin is the coming into this physical world with this voluntary over-cultivated frontal brain, containing the danger of a mere intellectual domination with its inevitable evil manifestations. Man on earth today inherit this excessive artificial cultivation of the frontal brain which exposes man from birth to the danger of too easily entangling himself in evil. At any rate of narrow-mindedness which results from enchainment to course matter makes it more difficult to recognise God. That wad why the religious leaders days could not recognise our Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Even if Christ is to come today, the religious leaderd of today will still rise up against him because in today's world of matter, the intellect has gained massive dominance and it opposes every spiritual.

               Man must always make endeavor to control his physical body, including his intellect. And the way to take control of the body is for the spirit to take over but the truth is most people are spiritually indolent, canal, controlled by the lust for flesh. Do not be conformed to this physical world. Man inherited only the danger, not the sun itself, therefore, he is in no wise compelled to allow his intellect to rule unconditionally and thus, submitting himself to it. On the contrary, he can wield the greatest power of the intellect like a sharp sword to clear his path in his daily bustle of life, as directed by his intuitive perception, which also called "THE INNER VOICE".

          Sinning against your body, means abusing the physical body,  thereby, going against nature, because your body physical body is part of nature. By abusing the physical body? i mean debasing the human body even to the lower than the level of animals. Do not abuse your body exerting to much strain in it like excessive sex, excessive alcohol, over-feeding. Smoking is not only harmful to your body, the it has on the environment and others around who inhale it too. And when are against nature,  that means you refuse to observe the laws governing nature, and creation at large.

           Sin is actually when man refuse to observe the laws governing creation, the Will of God, the Holy spirit. It is utterly impossible the sin against the Holy spirit, without paying for your sin. what you sow, you must reap, no two ways about it. Just because a set of people believes that something is a sin, does not make that thing a sin. I will discuss more on sin in the future. I would have loved to continue but i want you to absorb today's article.