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Man wears the physical garment which he needs for the maturing of his spirit in the world of Gross matter with an irresponsible indifference and lack of understanding. As long as he has no pains, he neglects the gift he has received and does not even dream of giving to the body what it needs, above all what would benefit it. He never attend to the body until he has damaged it and consequently feels pain, or until it somehow hampers him in carrying on his daily work or in following some trifling pursuit or hobby.

          Excessive eating and drinking,  to you it might seems pleasant, but actually, you are bringing harm to the body by your excessive eating and drinking. However, it is just the care of the healthy body which is an urgent necessity.

         Man shall give to the healthy body what it needs. He shall observe it with all the care required for the proper activity of this most necessary implement in the word of Gross Matter. For indeed it is the most precious possession which every human being has received for his time here on earth.

          Just look around, how frivolously and carelessly, peeople neglect their bodies and how they abuse their bodies with all kinds of over-exertions. So i beg my fellow youths, do not treat your body like a piece of trash. You become so addicted to sex, narcotic drugs, alcohol consumtions, smoking, idleness, reckless driving and other harmful activities to the physical body and frittering away the best time of development in your existence on earth. The very time when man must begin to soar upwards in order to become a full-fledge human being in this creation, In order to attain the spiritual maturity needed to enable him to fill th position which man as such much fill and fulfill in creation in accordance with the laws of his creator, his Lord!

           Through the physical body, the spirit makes contact with his entire surroundings in order to work fully conscious therein, and thus with full responsibility to his Creator!

           Wherever you turn to investigate you must recognise that man has no knowledge as yet of the laws of creation! He has no idea of the responsibity he must unfailingly bear for the physical body entrusted to him! Nor does he realise the value of the physical body enthrusted to him! Nor does he realise the value of the physical body for his position in creation, but keeps his eyes fixed only upon this earth.

            Under no occassion  should you intentional inflict pain on your physical  body, let alone attempting any suicidal activities. Under no circumstances should you intentionally undergo sacrificial  suffering or sacrificial death. The erroneous view has become deeply anchored in the acts, for there the thought is frequently glorified that one person through his voluntary sacrificial or love-death can bring "redemption" to another. The law of God, however, in its inflexible justice does not permit one person to intervene for the guilt of another. Such a deed brings nothing but guilt upon the person who sacrifices himself and who thereby forcefully shortens his life on earth. Such people always believe that their sacrificial act is done for the good of somebody or group of people, that it pleases God to sacrifice himself  for others, which is wrong. How do you please God, when you are against the laws of God Himself? Do not blaspheme the Lord your God. By such acts, it is personal conceit, not pure love which brings fort such deeds. In the beyond, such soul must suffer the consequences of their deeds. While the other person is not helped in any way by such an action. Again nothing but human conceit dares to expect from Divine justice, which cannot be influenced, that it would be capable of accepting such a sacrifice.

           Therefore, Man, learn to understand your physical body properly so that you can treat it accordingly. He cannot do too much in caring for it, in keeping it clean and pure, because it is indispensable for this particular life on earth. Only then will you become able to use it aright, to master it so that it becomes what it becomes what it is meant to be for you here on earth.

           The first consequence of real control over your physical body shows itself in the grace and beauty of your movements, which enables the power of the spirit in the harmony with its implement to become visible. For power is derived from the spirit only, strength from the body. A body that is maintained and permeated by spitual power has elastic movements and strides along with a light, springy step? regardless of whether its weight is heavy or light. A person with a heavy step always gives proof of nothing but a lack of the proper mastery of his body through his spirit. It is spiriual control which distinguishes man from the animal, because thr animal soul is from the animistc realm. If you will observe animals very well, you will notice its movements, it always shows a very definite kind of beauty adapted to its body. Because in animals, the animistic always is always in control. But man does not always allow the spirit to takeover, that is why majority of human beings hobble or stump along, either thoughtlessly or deep in thought or they hasten along nervously, distraughted and absent-minded.

                 Through all neglect of his earthly body, man shows the immaturity of his spirit! A matured spirit will always respect his body as is necessary implement for the achievement of his earthly maturity and he will not abuse it senselessly. Beauty and grace are the expression of a pure human spirit in all its activity, which also includes the movements of the physical body.

                The earthly body of each human being in every respect is closely connected or linked with that soil, the part of the earth in which he was born. This is in acordance with the law of creation governing all matter. It is connected to the stars of this particular region and with all the radiations that belong thereto. Only that part of the earth gives the body exactly what it needs t blossom forth properly and remain vigorous. That is why, if you find yourself in a foreign land, you will always yearn for your homeland. The earth also provides everything the human bodies needs in its different zones, always at the proper time and in manner in which the gross material bodies that have been into each particular zone needs it. Food, herbs, water, fruits, there, they are advantageous and upbuilding for the human body at that time when the earth produces them. everything in its own season. Creation gives man everything he needs for his earthly body and also gives it in the proper sequence and at the right time.

               It is not arbitrary or accidental that earthmen are of different form and race, the primordial laws of creation place humans in the exact region which alone serves for their maturing on earth,  and also equip them according. Your location on earth is actually an advantage to you. Mingle with your environment, animals, people, nature because you are part of them, they are part of you.

               Permits me to digress alittle from the topic. I love animals, let me share with you my observance of the ants. sincerely speaking, i do learn alot from this adorable sweet little creatures. have you ever wondered how one ant will discover a food bigger than itself, and before you know, there are many ants gathering that food, planning and organising themselves on how to move that for either by carrying together or taking it piece by piece? An ant can pick any scent, for example, it picks the scent of a food it cannot carry, so it needs others to givea hand. So what the first ant does, is to go close to another ant, sometimes, it seems as if they are having a peck, the second ant picks that same scent from the first ant and proceed to trace the part taken by the first ant with that same scent? it gets to where the food is. The first does the same to many other ants untill they are large enough to carry that food. Ants always know there rights,. If you really need the true meaning of democracy? meet the ants, they will teach you. ants run an organised society, where the queen is as equal as the workers. each member of the ant society has a responsibility. all is living for the upliftment of the society, no self ambition. Man really needs to learn from his surroundinngs. see later guy.