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REST IN PEACE, you must have heard this statement countless times. But have you ever find some moment to ponder on this statement? When someone dies a physical death, the next statement is "May his/her gentle soul rest in peace". You might have come across another statement like " May his or soul rest in the bosom of the lord". Even on obituaries, you can still see such statements on them. "Rest in peace" is often said with an awful state of mind. It strike fear and horror to the speaker and makes him or her sober in reflection as to what is the next thing after death. 

I do not mean to strike fear into the mind of my readers, although death is really nothing to be feared and it is a natural order of nature. In Gross material world, death is necessary, the same way birth is necessary. It is a circle that every matter in this physical world must pass through.You, reading this article, as the day goes by, every moment, everyday, every hour, every minute and second is so, so invaluable, because as time goes on, you are approaching your death. Everything  earthly remains here on earth. Your physical body is earthly, and it will remain here on earth when the life force that animates it depart.

What happens to the departed soul? Do the departed soul really rest in peace? I want you to take sometime off this article and ponder about these question!!!

Let me make it known to you again here in this article that your physical bodies is not the YOU. Your soul is not the YOU. You are a spirit being. But you must make use of your physical body in this physical world and your soul in the ethereal world as well. You need these bodies to interact in each respective environment, region, plane that you may find yourself in subsequent creation.  

Just like i wrote in one of my previous articles that "THE ARRIVAL OF MAN"  and "INTRODUCTION TO CREATION" that you are on a journey, and when the time is right, you will leave this physical body, this physical world and continue on your journey. You came into this physical world, incarnated into your physical body in your mother's womb, you were born and surely you will leave the physical body to perish here. Your physical body was of the earth and to the earth shall it remain.

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; For out of it wast thou taken: For dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return."  [Bible~ Genesis 3:19]

Now where the soul is returning to, is there rest for the soul there?


Now at the death of your physical body {The last breathe}, you will discover that you are still conscious of your envirinment but not breathing and you will be staring straight at your inanimate physical body. The soul is always in close proximity to the lifeless body because it is still connected to it with something that looks like a cord. This cord must be disconnected in other for the soul to move on. How long it takes for this cord to be disconnected depends entirely on the soul itself. Depending on the lightness or the heaviness {dark} of the particular soul. It is easier and faster for the lighter souls than the darker souls.

Now, lets just assume that the soul has finally been disconnected from its physical body, then the soul will have no choice but move on. The Primordial laws of creation, swings into action,  every soul is served what it duly deserved. The law of Reciprocal, The law of gravitation, and The law of homogeneous species. According to the density of the soul, it is either the soul floats upward to the luminous region or sinks downward to the dark region of the ethereal world. 

Every soul in the beyond, will be attracted to the region where its density is compactible to that environment which it finds itself. Just like your stay here on earth, you can interact, feel and sense your physical environment, the same with you in the beyond. you can feel pain, feel loved, over there too. In this your new environment, you will be attracted to souls of similar characteristics. It is only on earth that the good and the bad, the beauty and the beast {beast, i mean ugly} dwell among themselves.

Now, the beyond is not Paradise for the light soul and hell for the dark soul{Hell, i.e a place with a razing inferno}. Remember, like i always write, that your existence here is a journey. You have come from somewhere, and you are destined to returned back to your origin, the spiritual home of man {but unfortunately, so many will not make it home}. So after this earthlife, you cannot just find yourself in paradise, and rest in the bosom of God, No!!! Immediatly a soul leaves this earthlife, it continues its journey i.e if the soul is not earthbounded. Journeying back to paradise, is like climbing a ladder, for you to get to the top you must take a step upward at a time. So this earthlife is like a step for you to move upward into the beyond, then in the beyond too, there are steps you have to take also in other to move on. And you can even decide to remain stagnant {earthbound} or sink downward.

I wish i can talk about "Heaven and hell" in this article, but i will not. I donot want to confuse. But incase you cannot comprehend my writing here, please read the previous articles with spirituality topics

I put it to you now,  that souls do not rest, when they leave this physical world. they move on and continue on their journey. So i admonish you today, do what you think is right for yourself. If you are good, you are good for yourself and if you are bad, then you are bad for yourself. You alone determines your direction in creation. You alone can determine if you will rise high up to paradise or perish here in this subsequent world. It is easier to repent here on earth than in the beyond. And you can save yourself alot of terrible experiences in the beyond. It is your choice. 

Genuine love for all is what you need to climb this ladder  to paradise. Love for humanity. Love for every living thing. Love for your immediate environment. And the most important of them all, Love for your God, your Creator.{You can only love God by living in accordance to the Will of God}.

 "This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as i have loved you." [Bible~John 15:12]